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Home > Fear of Flying > Please, please, please help me. I am so scared to fly again.
Please, please, please help me. I am so scared to fly again.
Flying - Fear of Flying
Sunday, 05 July 2009 04:49

Hi Captain Lim,

After reading your website for the last few times, I felt much better every time before I fly and it was slowly helping me to have less fear about flying. But after the Air France crash, I have been feeling very scared to fly again. I have been thinking how I can not feel conscious when I fly (so that I won't need to face the fear of flying) because of the Air France incident; but not knowing the reason for the crash is really very scary.

I used to feel very scared at least a month before flying but now I feel very scared already although there are still so many months more before flying. This scary feeling has started since the Air France incident. Plus today, knowing about the Qantas incident which went through severe turbulence and several passengers were hurt. I read the news that some of the passengers in the flight were very scared and the plane had a sudden drop in altitude.

May I know whether this kind of severe turbulence always happen and have you ever encountered this kind of severe turbulence before? How do pilots take care of this kind of turbulence in the cockpit?

It looked to us passengers that it's not easy to control but do pilots feel the same or everything is actually under controlled by the pilot during severe turbulence? I read about the session on air turbulence in your website and understand a lot too. Reading your website helps me to build up my courage to fly.

I really hope you can answer these questions of mine as I did not read anywhere whether the plane is under well controlled by pilots during severe turbulence.

Captain Lim, I would appreciate if you could say something to make me feel better to fly again?

Please, please, please help as I am so afraid that sometimes I couldn't sleep after thinking so much about flying.

Thank you very much.

Wishing you safe flying all the time.

Kind regards,


Hi Marissa,

I have received so many similar questions like yours and I only hope that I have a magic wand to wish all your fears away! Obviously it appears that my answers to many such questions have not been very effective to the “very fearful flyers”.

Just remember that everything we do in life have some risks involved. Walking across the street, driving to the supermarket, taking a shower at home and the list goes on…

I have repeated this many times that flying is one of the safest mode of transport despite the news about air crashes now and then (yes, many would still disagree!)

Do you know that your drive to the airport has a greater risk of you being involved in an accident than your next flight to any of your holiday destinations? Very few people are aware of this. Yes, you even have a better chance of winning a state lottery than being involved in an air accident!

I quote what I have written in one magazine by risk communication consultant Peter Sandman. He says, “The risks that scare people and the risks that kill people are very different. When hazard is high and outrage is low (car accidents), people under react. And when hazard is low and outrage is high (air crashes), they overreact.”

If all these facts do not help, you have the choice of not flying at all. But I believe the advantages of this mode of travel outweigh the disadvantages of not travelling at all.

Poor Michael Jackson (May he RIP) was a fearful flyer before. And so you are not alone who belongs to this group!

The answers on turbulence have all been covered in my site before.

I wish you a safe flight always! alt


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Student , Low-rated comment [Show]
Thank you
Dear Captain Lim and David,

Thank you very much for trying to help me feel better. Appreciate a lot!

Wishing you safe flight always too smilies/smiley.gif

Marissa , 06 Jul, 2009
Some more hopeful advice
I'm a bit like you, though I'm rarely that nervous days before flying, when I get on a Plane I do feel more 'edgy' as it were. I never used to have a problem flying,I enjoyed it actually, but after a particularly Turbulent Landing last December, I've become a nervous flyer, and though the last flights I was on were extremely smooth, nothing could stop my nervousness. I could be listening to my Ipod, all of a sudden theres some turbulence, and I have to turn my Ipod off, shut my eyes and practically grit my Teeth and pray it stops soon, Yep thats how bad I am now, sorry to say but I am hoping I can beat it as its only recent development for me. However, theres something a Colleague of mine recommended to me recently, though I've yet to try it myself. Theres a Herbal Supplement you can get in Vitamin Stores called Rescue Remedy. My Colleague takes a lot of business Flights every Year and practically swears by this stuff. According to him a few drops of this under the Tongue before flying and a few during the flight can apparently help you relax a lot more during the Trip. Like I said I have yet to try it, but if you can find it, it might be worth a shot.

Peter , 21 Sep, 2009
I AM SCARED TOO , Low-rated comment [Show]
Scared of dieing scared of flying , Low-rated comment [Show]
Scared to death , Low-rated comment [Show]
Scared is no HELP. Smile smilies/kiss.gif
Totte , 26 Feb, 2010
Terrified , Low-rated comment [Show]
scared and feeling sick
I have a really big fear og getting sick on a plane , the idea of being in a confined space and being sick scares me to death. I also get really nervouse for being on the plane and theres turbualnce, i hate turbulance it makes me think that the plane is going to crash . I`m going on a flght to punta cana , Dominican Republic, and i`m really scared
loulou , 11 Mar, 2010
fear of flying
I am also afraid of flying and I know exactly when it began, because it wasn't always like that. It started after 9/11 when I imagined what the people on that plane must have gone through in their last minutes. And there - that was the moment, when it hit me and I realized: once I enter the plain, I give away all control and am not able to realisticly influence the outcome of a potential crash or any other accident. So in my case it is about control and the fear to die. And yes, I know it is ridiculus cause aviatin is so much safer then driving, but this fear is not rational. So, what helps me is I admit scary but very relaxing at the same time: before entering the plane, I say a little prayer and I embrace my destiny. I tell to myself that if it is my destiny, then it will happen anyhow and it is all in God's hands. I know this might not help you, but it is I guess about accepting that you basically are never "in control". There are so many other destinies of people where you just wonder how ironic the ending was, so - to conquer the fear of flying (or dying smilies/smiley.gif) is simply to accept the fact that I am mortal. Sounds bizzar, but it somehow releases the stress in my case at least.
Viennese Girl , 14 Mar, 2010
scared senseless , Low-rated comment [Show]
You poor people! , Low-rated comment [Show]
I'm also very scared to take the flight especaially after reading the news about the A330. I beleive we all know we cannot control the flight. i jsut still feeling so sick. I will be in London one week after, I starting to have trobule to sleep.

Anybody can recommend some medicine so I can feel more relex when I'm on the flight ?
J , 28 Apr, 2010
flying , Low-rated comment [Show]
Hi guys i have to fly from Kyrgyzstan to Chicago (round trip , and it is take 18 howers to get there! I am scared too!!!! But you can do nothink about that! If it happen it happen!!!!
Aizada , 11 May, 2010
smilies/cry.gifwell im going to nebraska and im really scared im 14 years old and im traveling alone i reallly scared of heights peolpe often tell me that i shouldnt be afrid because its just like driving a car but your in the air im leaveing on june 16 and i couldnt be more scaredsmilies/sad.gif ... i wish i couldnt go
zaporiah , 09 Jun, 2010
scared!! i cant believe i am this scared , that it has come to this....i recently got married and put off a honeymoon bc of flying...i wanted to go on a cruise from ny so i didnt have to get on a plane at all...went to book it and my husband talked me into going on a plane to punta cana which is only 3-4 hrs...but this is consuming me...this should be the happiest time of my life and i am dreading it!!! so nervous
marie , 22 Jul, 2010
scared like crazy!
I am so freakin scared to fly! I have to buy plane tickets ASAP bcuz we need 2 b in Mexico by first week of August. I haven't bought tickets yet bcuz I'm still trying 2 hold out and somehow wait and c if I don't have 2 go after all. Lol but I don't think it works like that! I wish I would feel fine but I'm nervous!
Diana , 24 Jul, 2010
Love it/Hate it
I'm almost 60 and flew for the first time last week. I loved the take off and the landing was good too, looking out of the window at the sky, clouds and sea etc was amazing. My only fear was being SO HIGH UP,it was scary that there wasn't anything between the aircraft and a very distant earth except air, I was also wary of moving in case I caused the plane to tilt (doh!!). So it really was a love/hate relationship.
Annie , 30 Jul, 2010
in december im gonna be goin in my home country im 15 and im traveling alone im scared...should i go or not
Cant tell to embarrassed , 08 Aug, 2010
scared flying over sea
i have been flying on planes since i was one years old but as i got older i really understood what bad things could happen while on a plane. I really get scared when i fly over sea i feel like i wanna be sick and cry.My mum worries me even more because shes scared.on the 29th of august im flying back home to from morocco to england and i fly over sea
when i was coming to morocco i couldnt get out of my seat or eat or go to the toilet.i would start to shake and start to shout at my sister for no reason.
salwa , 09 Aug, 2010
Hi everyone.
I have just finished taking a course for people who are terrified to fly........and unfortunately, the only way to get over a fear of flying is to.....fly. You will be scared, and you will be anxious. You must first define what scares you (i.e. the anticipation, not having enough air, heights, etc..) and then you start there and work on that. It will get worse before it gets better, but remember............fear's best friend is avoidance, so go ahead and do it anyway smilies/smiley.gif good luck smilies/kiss.gif
Jennifer , 16 Aug, 2010
i am so scared coz on a plane i get really sick... ii am flying in two days and i am really nervous of an 8hour flight! ahh! help me! advice. smilies/cry.gif
tia , 19 Aug, 2010
Scared , Low-rated comment [Show]
Hi Guys,
I'm like most people on here, I've been flying since I was a kid, and what went on in a plane or what could go wrong on a plane never phased me, I loved every minute of flying, even queuing!!!! I remember the last flight I was on before fear set in, I was right at the back of the plane and whenever turbulence began, believe it or not I actually enjoyed it, because it felt like we had road under us instead of that motionless feeling where your just made to sit still for a long period of time fighting off fear of boredom if anything, but since then, I've gone down hill dramatically and can't even bring myself to book a holiday at the dread of going on a plane, my last flight was to Gran Canaria, 4hrs only and it was a white knuckle ride the entire way, coupled with cold sweats and guess what? For that flight I had armed myself with Valium, IT DIDN"T EASE A THING, and I took more than I was prescribed, However I refuse to be subdued and restricted by this fear and more than anything I want to conquer it, I want the enjoyment back that I once used to get and will keep flying until I win, It's not gonna be easy but I agree with another poster on her, you have to fly.
sarah , 14 Feb, 2011
i am flying to melbourne to be with my friends for a week before returning home.
i am 14 and i'm really nervous to fly on my own,

what if i crash ?!
youngone , 05 Apr, 2011
scared to fly
I'm also scared to fly I've never been on a plane before the flights are booked for the end of this month july2011 friends of my husband done it as a surprise not knowing how scared i am! i just want to stop thinking the worst all the time my family are really looking forwards to the flight and time away but I'm scared I'm not gonna get on that plane and spoil it for all my family as its my children's first time on a plane also! help me please
jax , 02 Jul, 2011
It's really been interesting reading through some of these posts.I have been laughing all through especially the guy who says he gets scared of even standing from his seat coz he's scared his weight might toss the plane.I think i was like him when i flew for my first time.Anyway guys,I would those looking forward to flying to pray first before flying,i did the same,I told God that i dint want to feel anything while taking off or landing and for sure i enjoyed the whole flight,i dint anything as such.By at first i dint want to sit near the window coz i would fear looking down,but when we began cruising i began envying the one who was on the window,i would now raise my head to see outside.When we were coming back i sat near window and enjoyed every bit of it.So just pray and God will give you the desires of your heart.
Samuel Kingi , 07 Jul, 2011
less than 48 hours
I only have a hour and a half flight on Saturday. Its late on Thursday evening now but I am starting to get these horrible images in my head about what could go wrong.

I know it is soooo much safer up there than down here, but you cant help but think"what if im the one something fatal happens to".

This fear all started I think after a bad experience of turbulence when I was 13. However it does help if you close your eyes during the turbulence and imagine u are sitting on a bus bobbing up and down!

Only tips I have, and am going to use myself are:
1. Have a drink to calm the nerves a bit and reduce the tension. No more than 2 alcoholic drinks though, you dont want them to refuse u boarding!

2. Keep yourself occupied; read a book/magazine, think about what fun you're going to have when u arrive at your destination and plan your activities for the holiday, listen to music. If there is anyone friendly next to you start a conversation with them and you will see they dont flinch when the plane starts the get a bit bumpy.

3. Hypnotherapy. I got a form of this when I was 15 because I was so bad I used to make such a show of myself with crying and shouting and telling my parents I wanted to get off the plan when everyone had sat down. The therapy worked wonders for me because I went on a 3 and a half hour journey on a very old plane in heavy wind and rain! It has however seemed to have worn off and would definitely get it done again.

I cannot explain how bad I used to be, you're mind will drive you crazy if you obsess over it. (on a night flight, I freaked because I thought the wing was on fire but it was just the city lights!)

If you can understand the different sounds as well it helps. After the plane has taken off and leveled out the engines will reduce and the sound wont be as loud-I used to think that the engines were going to stop and conk!

There are so many ways I can back up why it is safe to fly, yet I know when I get on that plane, I will be like a mad woman. Its so hard to stay calm when there's other people around and Ill be flying alone so just going to have to get the window seat and cry!

For the people who are avoiding flying, its not doing you any favours. You really are limiting yourselves here. Theres plenty of worse situations going on in the world that getting on a plane is inconspicuous in contrast. Have u ever had one of those days when you're having a bad time and see a plane in the sky wishing you were on it. Well now you are on it, and theres going to be someone else on the ground wishing the same thing!

Im scared of dying young and terrified Im just going to drop dead, but theres more chance of me dropping dead with cardiac arrest than being in a fatal plane crash!

Its something that takes time to get over, but you have to learn to rationalise your fear which is what Im trying to do now. And those movies are all sensationalised! Plus my first flight was when I was 10 months old, I should be used to it by now!

Goodluck everyone =) (safe journey of course!)
Sinead , 08 Jul, 2011
Fear of flying
Hi All,

Till I join an International Airline as a Cabin Crew never had a personal experience of flying. I was dead scared when I started working for the airline as a Cabin Crew eventually I got rid of this fear with experience now I work as a first officer in the same airline. What my advice is to do what you do with passion and a vision all your fears will go away. Don't even think about your feeling just keep on doing touch and goes (circuit patterns) You will be confident.Flight Sim helped me, Might help you as well. Blue Skies!! smilies/smiley.gif
Louie Perera , 11 Sep, 2011
Fear of Flying and calming techniques
Just keep on watching airhostess ass and keep thinking that if I DIE THIS ASS will also die with me .. It really helped me out. So people you should focus only on the asssssesss.
rock , 13 Sep, 2011
i hate planes
hi marissa, im just like you! i used to LOVE planes, until when i was coming home from florida we had a lot of turbulence and the flight attendants even had to sit down!! if you sit with someone that is really nice like your parents or meet someone really nice!!
joe , 30 Sep, 2011
Practice makes perfect
I used to have this fear as well, it's just that the idea of a plane crash is so terminal, unlike most other accidents.
However, the more I fly, the better I feel, a plane is like a big bus. How many bus crashes are there really? Most reputable airlines (and that's the majority of them, really) know how much a crash hurts so they make sure the equipment is kept in good condition and upgraded regularly. I would mostly worry if I knew the plane was old, but you can always find out what equipment is being used when you get the ticket.
Like many other things in life, it's a matter of risk and odds, and when it comes to flying neither are stacked against you. Just relax and enjoy the flight...comfortable seats and a few drinks always make it much better though!
Sam Sneed , 25 Oct, 2011
Scared senseless to fly... now learning how!
I am morbidly afraid of flying. I have this unbelievable fear the wings are going to fall off at any minute, leaving me hurtling towards the ground at 500 miles per hour.

A few years ago, my mother, a private pilot, bought me this book:

What an amazing book! It is black box recordings from some of the air disasters. Yes, it was about crashes BUT some of the recordings were so amazing you had to wonder how people survived at all.

I am still morbidly afraid to fly but I LOVE the thought of the freedom that comes from flying so... I am taking flying lessons. So far, I have five hours in the air, controlling my own fate. It can be very scary at times, but I get this rush and this sense of accomplishment after each flight that I've never had anywhere else.

If you are scared to fly, read the book and give it a whirl. Just call your local flight school and give it a try. It is much better to be holding on to the yoke (the plane's steering wheel) than sitting in the back.
Mark , 06 Jan, 2012
terrıfıed :( :(
julıe , 10 Jan, 2012
I really sympathise with everybody who has posted about their fear of flying – I started going on planes aged 7 and progressively, as the years have gone by my fear of flying has become worse and worse.
I STUPIDLY flew to Scotland from the UK recently, it was just over an hour and I could have just taken an 8 hour train but decided I could do it as it was ‘only an hour’! I wasn’t too bad on the way there, I hate taking off the most but once in the air I tend to relax a little bit. On the way back it was a completely different story! My mum told me about these tablets, a herbal remedy called Kalms, I took 6 in total to try and calm down but all it did was heighten my emotions I was so on edge I hit the guy next to me when he didn’t switch his Iphone off when the announcement came to turn everything off. I just was not myself at all, I had gone crazy! I had a huge go at my mum for trying to take pictures out of the window because I was convinced anything electronic would mess up the pilot’s electrical equipment. I never move on planes, just in case! This is the worse fear for me because I love to travel and have been on 10 hour flights and longer throughout my life, quite a lot of them infact, I just feel like my luck is running out and there is more chance of me being the one that dies if I get on more planes. So scared! Unlike many of you I actually dislike driving a lot as well! Would walk and take boats everywhere if I could. I feel so selfish because I dont get worried when other people fly at all - I just cant handle being so high up - I try and calm down on plans but a voice in my head just tells me 'you can still die', its like tempting fate doing such an unatural activity.

By the way ‘better to be safe than dead’ is the funniest quote on the whole timeline!

Happy flying (without me I should think!)
BECKC , 26 Apr, 2012
Feel ill just thinking about flying.
I loved flying when I was a child- so much so I wanted to become an air hostess. But- like the poster above me-things have gone from bad to worse.
I can`t work out why. I`m not afraid the plane will crash- for me- like one poster said- I think its a fear of not being in control. Last time I got on a plane- as soon as I was on the thing- I had to fight the fear inside me- I was thinking- "I want to get off- now!!" Its literally terrifying, and I am so annoyed with myself, because it does restrict you . I was looking at my watch the whole journey counting how many minutes till we landed- I thought I was gonna have a heart attack! I really wish I could get over this phobia.
Ellen , 20 May, 2012
Really People?!
After reading about all of the awful things that happeend to all of you, I am sorry. But life is wonderful and really there isn't anything to be worried about. (Ok.. a couple of thingssmilies/smiley.gif The truth is, I have been on airplanes my whole life. I was on my first plane ride 2 weeks after my birth. I have been on a plane at least once a year since my birth. So I guess I have become immune to the fact that I could die at any moment in the air. I try to sleep it off and really just try to enjoy my trip. It's all just make believe isn't it? Smile. Have a sleeping pill. Learn the flight attendents name. Get a movie. Oh! an if you have ear problems, try chewing some gum. Or just yawning works if you forgot about the gum. When I was younger, I used to take off my shoes and lean up against the window... smilies/cheesy.gif Happy flying.
Brenna , 30 May, 2012
Flight anxiety for life!
Hey everyone,

I am actually very relieved that there are so many other people who share the same phobia as myself!

I get very fearful weeks in advance of my flights and am always find myself thinking of the worst when we are flying. I find myself thinking completely ridiculous and absurd thoughts while in-flight such as; oh no what if the laws of physics suddenly stopped working and the plane begins to fall! Or what if the plane just disappeared and I started plummeting to the ground! I know that these are impossible but I somehow manage to freak myself out on every flight.

The only thing that has ever helped me with my flight anxiety is xanax but I am afraid to ask my doctor for some because I think he will assume I am a drug abuser. When I am flying I am never able to stand up because I feel insecure and am afraid that the second I stand up there will be a vicious bout of turbulence. This sometimes gets so bad that I become very frustrated when I have to stand up for others to go to the bathroom. It has gotten so bad that I never go to the bathroom while flying because I just feel so weird standing in a tiny room trying to urinate while 30,000 feet in the air. I finally called it quits when one time I mustered up the strength to walk to the bathroom and then could not make myself urinate entering the bathroom. I know it sounds funny but it is really quite annoying because it forces me monitor how much I drink before and during long flights.

I have found that making a playlist for the entire flight also helps me to relax because music puts me in a different place when I close my eyes. I used to be afraid to even look out the window and would literally stare at the seat in front of me for the entire flight but now I have found that looking at the ground during take-off is actually quite relaxing.

I think that my anxiety from flying is a combination of lack of control, fear of heights and claustrophobia and it really angers me that I allow my emotions to control me. When flying I need to constantly tell myself 'mind over matter, it may feel weird but everything is fine'. My one advice is don't become superstitious! I had literally convinced myself that if I took my hands off the armrests that the plane would lose control. I have relieved my bad habit since then and now I am able to use my arms freely (thank god!).

Well I feel much better after getting all of this off of my chest and I am actually become excited for my flight from Newark to Holland this coming weekend! I wish all of you the smoothest and safest flights for the rest of your lives!!

Happy trails
B , 07 Jun, 2012
Hi i am very scared .. i am taking my first flight alone and I am really really scared... and to add onto that i haven't been away from home for more than four days and im gonna be gone for almost 4 months..im very very very scared smilies/sad.gif
Caity , 15 Jun, 2012
Hello there guys i am 13 years old and i somehow managed to conquer my fear of flying. Whenever you hit turbulence imagine you are in a roller coaster, and that every drop it makes makes you more excited! Besides i am sure that most of you guys are adults. Man up. You will soon have kids and you won't wanna be emberassed in front of your him/her right? The chances are minimal but if god forbid you end up crashing at least you can be assured that it was time for you to die. Sorry if i scared you guys lol. i will soon be flying from Florida, USA to Rome, Italy. Man up guys! I wish you all the safest flights!

- Mario A.
Mario , 23 Jun, 2012
First flight alone
i'm 11 and in one mounth i will be flying on a plane where i have to get off and switch. I scared of what might happen my brothe will be no help he is a year older then me. I head that a flight attendant helps you but i'm still scared. What is it like flying alone.
lexie , 25 Jun, 2012
Scared to fly:(
im 14 and i never flown before i live in ohio and have to fly to my aunts house in chicago...i dont kno wht to do !smilies/sad.gif i gotta fly by myself...can anyone help?
Aaliyah , 23 Jul, 2012
Fear of flying
Hey guys! I'm 11 almost 12 andgonna be flying to LA in six weeks and we leave on the 27th of Aug... My dad flies a lot so he's used to flying.. My friends are amazing and they've helped me whenever I've randomly said 'can't we just but wings?' or 'I'm willing to swim?!' at school. I live in Australia and our school I right over the flight path from airport... I've told them to wave and I'll try look out the window... I know it's stupid but take off is the worst bit and I hope that'll help me... I know that is random I just amreally scared of flying so I needed to tell someone and I can't tell mum coz she hates flying and dad just fob me off (of course coz he's the busiest man in the world smilies/cheesy.gif)
Anyway, wish u guys all the best in flying and just think of the 11 year old who hates flying as much as we all do!
Happy steel coffin cruising DX
Alyahs , 24 Jul, 2012
0mg im flying today to spain im sooooo scared
hi im very scared.im 12 almost 13 im scared of flying im flying today from Manchester airport to Palma . i am scared to what might happen.
sophie , 15 Aug, 2012
Hi All,

I am too a very nervous, anxious flier. For my job, I travel a lot and just got back from a 5.5 hour flight from Las Vegas, NV.

Needless to say the flight was unpleasant; however, a notable thing I've come to learn over the years is this:

1.) If you're an anxious flier, talk to your doctor - chances are (s)he will be more than happy to prescribe you an anti-anxiety medicine (Xanax, Adivan, etc.) which will certainly help relieve your in-flight anxiety, e.g. panic attacks, restlessness, inability to sleep, fear of death, etc. For examples sake, my doctor prescribed me a good anti-anxiety pill which I took 1 hour before take-off (to Berlin from Detroit). I remember taking off..somehow woke up for dinner, then remember feeling this big bang: we had landed. smilies/smiley.gif

2.) If you drink alcohol - and don't wish to take medication - I encourage you to have a few drinks before and during a flight. This is an 'over-the-counter' way to cure most anxiety. If nothing else, it will likely relax you and make you sleepy.

3.) Try and chat with the person sitting next to you. I've been "saved" by several kind and wonderful people during flights over the years. You'll find that talking with people - especially on long-haul flights - is a great way to not only alleviate your stress and anxiety, but also a wonderful way to meet new and interesting people from all over the world.

4.) Sit in an aisle seat. One: you'll have more room. Two: if you're a control freak like me, you'll feel like you have more space. Three: you won't feel as closed in, i.e. when you have to go to the restroom you won't have to crawl over 2-3 other people.

5.) Watch a movie and/or read a really, really interesting book. Although (domestic) movies are totally overpriced, that 6-10 dollars can easily take your mind off flying for 1.5-2 hours.

Though I know the above are only tips and tricks, I truly hope they help you like they've helped me.

Happy Flying!
Christian , 15 Sep, 2012
I hate flying, its the worst. I live in europe but i studied in the us, so i had to fly all the time. I could not sleep weeks before my flight, i could not eat...
i spent the whole 9 hours on the plane praying and crying. when i got off the plane I thought i was a superstar but i also thought that my suicide attempt failed.
I am going to fly with my 5 month son this sunday, i am scared, i am sooo scared but i have a few tips that help me ...here they are...

NEVER sit in the back. the turbulences are the worst there, sit by the window where the wings are, watching how the wings move during turbulences make me feel calm cuz they dont move at all...

Wine, i drink wine, i have two glasses before i get on the plane and then i drink during the flight as well. ( obviously cant do that now when i am traveling with my little baby boy) and drugs, i take everything that my doctor gives me. IT HELPS.

Headphones...if u listen to music u cant hear the annoying noise that every flying coffin makes.

I always do something nice before i get on the plane.what comes around, goes around, right?

I always download tv shows that i like so i can watch them on the plane. time passes faster, even on a plane, with a full season of modern family.

I tell the stewardess i am scared. its nice when she comes to see how i am going during the flight and has a huge smile on her face. I always tell myself she does not look like a person who is going to die today.

Think about all the great things u will do when u land.

i am not gonna wish u good luck, cuz we dont need it, (we need xanax) all are gonna make it. smilies/wink.gif
Lenka , 12 Nov, 2012
Least turbulence
Seat just in front of the wing! Least turbulencesmilies/smiley.gif
Jerry Loh , 14 Nov, 2012
Really Scared
I used to be fine when going on planes
But now I get so nervous and get butterfly's
In my stomach. I cry on takeoff and cry on
Landing because I'm so scared of dropping
Out of the sky! I think I get my fear from
Air Crash Investigations which is a T.V show.
I'm so scared at the airport and have to lie
Down in the waiting area. I don't know what
To do!
Chloe , 31 Dec, 2012
Really scared
I used to be fine when going on planes
But now I get so nervous and get butterfly's
In my stomach. I cry on takeoff and cry on
Landing because I'm so scared of dropping
Out of the sky! I think I get my fear from
Air Crash Investigations which is a T.V show.
I'm so scared at the airport and have to lie
Down in the waiting area. I don't know what
To do!
Chloe , 31 Dec, 2012
To the fearful flyers
Hello, I am a fearful flyer. But I am also aware that it is not the flight itself that makes me afraid. I know, that sounds strange, but all it does is to trigger unsolved emotional traumas from earlier in life, or traumas that we maintain. By "maintain" I mean disconnect from. The good news is, this is all subconscious. Please, I am not saying our fear isn´t real or that you are dumb for being afraid. I am afraid myself. But through seeking help for my fear, I discovered how I was trying to push lots of things away in my life. And guess where we can´t push things away? In an... airplane! Think about it, isn´t onboard a plane about the only place where you can´t take a break, hang up on someone, dismiss something as stupid (like this post!-)? Everyone from psychologists to happy-smiley-life coaches know that the reasons for our fears are mostly subconscious. Are you also maybe afraid of talking to an audience? How about to your spouse? About real things, I mean. I sure am. How about elevators, crowded places, open spaces? How about childhood? Unsafe? Alcoholic parent? Divorce at young age? Any situation that you know isn´t dangerous, but that produces a (sometimes very faint)fear in you is a hint that you are repressing stuff. You need help to figure this out, don´t waste years trying to "learn" not to be afraid. Most of us have already spend a lifetime repressing our feelings, so don´t count solely on yourself for fixing this. As for me, EFT and other stuff slowly brought me from feeling sick and angry with my self and the world for a week before the flight, to simply coping with the fear. And the bonus was a whole new life view. Good luck, it isn´t really the flight, and it isn´t really you.-)
MrNelson , 01 Jan, 2013
Scared of take off
I'm so scared of take off its unreal, days before
I work my self up to a frenzy, I get anxious and nervous my hart beats so fast I think it it beats any faster I'm going to die, and this is before I get on the plane, when were taking off I feel like screaming get me off this plane, I shake I feel sick, I feel like I can't breath my heart rate increases do much, once the air hostesses stand up I totally calm down and relax now and again I get a but anxious again I.e during terbulance. I have tried everything I can think of went to my doctors but the tablets they give me made my heart beat even faster. I don't no if I'm scared of taking off or I work my self up that much it's my heart beating so fast that scares my, I'm glad I'm not the only 1 that is scared but nothing works for me I'm due to fly in 4 days and I keep asking friends and family if they would like to take my place I'm that scared of take off!!!
Stacey , 19 Feb, 2013
im thinking to go to australia from cyprus but im really scared even the time i think i am on the airplane whats the best solution because i am afraid the height have any medicines relax you and helps you dont think so nagitive
peter , 19 Oct, 2013
Scared to death
Flying tomorrow to dublin where there are storms. Already cancelled flight on Wednesday. Oh how I wish I went then. I've just downloaded a audio book on relaxation techniques and hypnosis. Have listened twice already and for some reason I am actually feeling calmer. Lets hope it lasts til morning or I won't be getting home anytime soon.
Anne , 14 Feb, 2014
helpful man
I want to say thanks once again to this great man called Dr Unoko and his spiritual way of helping people am Sarah Jude from Japan i lives in USA with my husband we love each other and also he care about me always look forward to make things easy for both of us 9 years after our wedding, we both work harder to make a family greatest surprise, we have a kid after some times again, we have another one so with this, we live in peace and he was so honest to me shortly, he started misbehaving that i don't know what is going on then i asked him. Darling what is going on? you are so strange to me this few days hope i have not offended you? he said no. Not knowing he have and affair with one lady out side who promised him a car an apartment in one estate were i cannot see him also when he cannot see me i manage to stay with him pleading him he should forgive me if have wrong to him he started complaining he has no money that he has lost all his money in his business that he needs some money then i asked him how much is this money you are looking for? he did not know i can afford it. Then, he said $14,000USD i promised him i we give it to him just for him to care about his family. My greatest surprise, the next day, i went to work and our two kids were in school not knowing his going to leave the house before i come's back i met some of his things outside i was waiting for him to come back he never come back i cried i miss him so much and he have taking all my money away i was only left with $800USD. One day, as i was ready a blog i saw a testifier made by someone in Australia called Julie telling people about how this man call Dr Unoko helped her and the man's contact email was there and his mobile number then i contacted him for a help and really, he brought back my husband now am so happy my brothers and sister if you are in such relationship problem kindly via Email { This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it } or call +2348103508204 he we help you solve all your problems Sarah
sarah , 24 Feb, 2014
Almost over my FEAR!!
My story is My family decided to book flights to LA...I had 2 options(1 was to stay at home alone.) (2 was to Man up and go!!!) I'm taking option 2..I'm going to take a couple of sleeping pills put on my head phones and GO! This is a trip of a lifetime. I must overcome this fear. I wanna see the world and Think about it you can only get to some places by Air only anyway.... I thank everyone for posting there thoughts I'm in and was in your shoes but, sooner or later you gotta FACE your fears and you will feel better about yourself! It also helped me that I spoke to a pilots Girlfriend and she said she was the biggest whimp and now she LOVES TO FLY. God Bless you all but, I know if I can do it you can too!!!! God Bless
lee , 07 Mar, 2014
I have flown a lot and to many places in the world Even to New Zealand. I have become more and more terrified the more I do it. I used to fly the Pan Am 103 route from Heatrow to NY during the time it was blown up over Scotland. I was probably on the exact plane at one point or another. But that was not even my turning point to terror. I flew lots after that. I think it was 9/11. Last week I flew with my 12 year old daughter for the first time. I thought I would lose my mind. Our plane wobbled from side to side at take off and I was done for. My imagination ran wild. With my family asleep next to me all I could think about was the plane exploding and the front half of the plane gone and us staring out through a big hole as we fell through the air. I think about being conscious and about how many minutes it takes to hit the ground. I fret about the engines stalling. Midair collisions and bombs. I wanted to scream "get me off this thing". All I could do was silently cry until the stewardesses came with the cart. I drank burbon. It helped. I too look at the other passangers and crew when I get on a plane. I try to gauge their fate based on their appearance. If they are young and perky i feel better and think it is not there time to die. It's ridiculous. My thoughts are so morbid. It is miserable. All I can say a alcohol helps me to calm down and distract myself with other thoughts. I've never tried medication but I might next time. Good luck to everyone.
Cathy , 11 Apr, 2014
I have flown a lot and to many places in the world Even to New Zealand. I have become more and more terrified the more I do it. I used to fly the Pan Am 103 route from Heathrow to NY around the time it was blown up over Scotland. I was probably on that exact plane at one point or another with the same pilot and crew, but that was not even my tying point to terror. I flew lots after that. Last week I flew with my 12 year ok daughter for the first time and I thought I would lose my mind. Our plane wobbled from side to side at take off and I was done for. My imagination ran wild. With my family asleep next to me all I could think about was the plane exploding and the front half of the plane gone and us staring out through a big hole as we fell through the air. I think about being fully conscious and aware and about how many minutes it takes to hit the ground. I fretted about the engines stalling, midair collisions, bombs, hijacking. I wanted to scream "get me off this thing". All I could do was quietly cry until the stewardesses came with the cart. I drank burbon. It helped. I too look at the other passengers and crew when I get on a plane, I try to gauge their fate based on their appearance. If they are young and perky I feel better and think it is not their time to die. It is so ridiculous. My thoughts are so morbid. It is miserable. All I can say is alcohol helps me. I drink liquor.
Cathy , 12 Apr, 2014
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Rhona , 31 May, 2014
how my husband returned
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Jessy , 17 Jul, 2014
Nervous a bbit
So, Sometimes when I go on a plane. I always wonder if they checked it. So im pretty nervous when it comes to new planes like the 777 747 757 e.t.c
This is it.

In Dubai intl
On the 777. Im in my window seat just turning on my fav song on the monitors. Then the pilot mentions This, Worrying text to me

As we are Burning >Fuel
Im nervous , 08 Aug, 2014
im nervous sometimes people
So sometimes im scared on planes. But I wasn't


The pilot mentioned this.

"We are burning >Fuel
christopher , 08 Aug, 2014
I was flying twice a year for seven years now. All.long haul flights. I was not scared before until I experienced really bad turbulence. Now Im like feet cold, palms sweating and praying all the way down... i will be flying again in less than a month bound to amsterdam. Please do recommend the most powerful meds that i can take so that i will not die up there..
gema , 09 Aug, 2014
how i get my ex back
how i got my ex back
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bella mark , 07 Sep, 2014
Thanks captain for your advice, I am now ready for my 12 hour flight.it's conferting to know that I'm safer in a flight then in my own car.
miguel , 18 Nov, 2014
never have flown before
hi my wife and I r thinking about flying out to cali this summer to c my doughter and her family we r nervouse and scared about flying for the first time is there some kind of medicene we can take? I have heard that drinks will com u douwn but my wife is not much of a drinker and i dont want to get sick what can we do?
noname , 19 Feb, 2015
Marissa, how are your flying fears now?
Hi Marissa,
I've been traveling my whole life and the past year and half have been extremely challenging for me in terms of flying. I have a serious phobia now and have even offloaded planes a few times just because my mind goes crazy. i get panic attacks and its getting worse, I'm starting to have anxiety just during planning a holiday or booking a flight. Its been a few years since you wrote this and i'm wondering if you're feeling any better/different? i want to overcome this as i absolutely love traveling to new places and seeing the world and i don't want this to stop me from experiencing that. does it get worse with time? or were you able to get over it?
Hal , 16 Dec, 2015
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kelly , 16 Jan, 2016
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Mendi , 14 Feb, 2016
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witness , 07 Mar, 2016
What do I do?
My best friend invited me to go with her to LA. At first I was so excited but towards the night time, I have start having a panic attack and I can't stop crying. I've never flown without my parents before and I hate airplanes, I'm afraid of getting sick mostly because I get way too nervous. Both times that I ever went to LA I got extremely sick. The first time I was 5 and I got Neamonia and had to go to the hospital, and the second time I was with family friends and I was in kindergarten and I got the stomach flu. I am really scared, and I have gotten no sleep and I haven't told my friend how I am feeling and the trip is soon and I'm just really scared, please help me
Maddie , 26 May, 2016
Out of control world
Flying at 30 thousand feet and suddenly a missile is spotted heading your direction. Now what?
With all the aircraft being shot down, terrorist taking over and mechanical failure, you have to ask yourself if its worth traveling anywhere. Its even worst in Asian countries.
How do you handle that fear.
Simple. Don't travel.
Civilain , 05 Oct, 2016
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Jennifer W. , 13 Dec, 2016
You can take charge of a Cessna for only $99
Part of the fear of flying involves trust issues. A common fantasy is what if you are a passenger in a jet airliner and the flight crew gets out of commission? Who is going to safely land the plane? Unless a pilot is deadheading in coach, someone is going to need to take charge. When I was 15, my dad took me to the local airport and let someone give me a flying lesson in a Cessna. Thanks to hijackers, we are doomed because someone who can fly by the seat of their pants with very little training is not going to be able break through the hardened cockpit door in time to save the passengers. But if the flight engineer recognizes that everyone in the cockpit made a huge mistake by eating the fish, he might open the door on the off chance that a passenger might be capable of taking over.
Jenny , 07 Jan, 2017
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Doris melody , 25 Jan, 2017

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