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Home > Female Pilots > What you have to do to Become a Pilot?
What you have to do to Become a Pilot?
Pilot Career - Female Pilots
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 19:29
What you got to do to become a pilot?
It's a great time to become a pilot...


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just wanna ask
hello captain lim,,this year i'm 15 year old,,know wht, i'm really wanna be a pilot,,but all my friend alwys keep laugh on me..hate it,,i'm really want to be pilot so that i can help my fmily..can u guide me how to be a pilot?
here's my email : emilyron@yahoo.comsmilies/smiley.gif
ash , 06 May, 2010
hai pilot....im from malaysia.i just want to know the new qualification of malaysian student to b'cme pilot...please captain...female......if u can..can u send to my mail..Nanthini_12cute@yahoo.com
nanthini , 13 May, 2010
hai.... my name is shafiqah...
hai captain.... iwant to know that i can became a pilot or not? i really want to be a pilot..
but my parent didn't allow ne to be a pilot..
that any flying school in malaysia that have a space for female to join it....
nurshafiqah , 14 Jun, 2010
highschool courses
hi pilot my name is ayain and i am 15 years old, i want to be a great pilot, but i dont know what course to take in highschool, any advise
ayain , 28 Sep, 2010
became a pilot
hi, im nadeesha. im 20 years old.
i want to be a great pilot.but i dont know what course to take in highschool.can u guide me how to be a pilot?
my email- 4nadee@gmail.com
Nadeesha , 06 Mar, 2011
how to become a pilot?
hello captain lim..i just finished my spm..i would like to be a pilot..but i do not know what to do...i mean to ask for the job requirements,can a short sighted person be a pilot and etc...please guide me,MR.LIM...
please email me-fira_tahirah93@yahoo.com..
thank you smilies/smiley.gif
nur syahfira , 28 Mar, 2011
can i become a pilot?
hello capt lim,i want to become a pilot since i little child,i watch all flight tv story...but,my height juz 150cm,so, for a female pilot ,can i become pilot on that height?and a little fat person....you can reply via this email -->jenny_kiddykaddymore@yahoo.com
diella , 21 Apr, 2011
how to become a pilot?
hi sir............. i want to know what course i should do after my 12th class and m a farmer girl from a village and i really i want to become a pilot...... sir what will be the fee...... may i become a pilot..
vini , 28 Apr, 2011
Dear Captain,
I'm 15 years old,I want to be a commercial pilot and i want to know will my eye power help me to become a pilot.my eye power is +1.75 in left and +1.25 in right. please help me out.....
bella , 19 Nov, 2011
Is 1.55m qualify to become a aweseome pilot?
Hi Captain Lim,
I am SPM leavers, and very very excited about continuing aviation course soon. Definitely after the result is announce. Hehe. But, my height doesn't seem 'enough' to becoming a pilot. From what i read, all pilot must be at least 163cm. So, do you think my height is okay to became a female pilot? Please help me Captain, email : dacooletsihraini@yahoo.com
Nani Drew , 03 Dec, 2011
Is physics a compulsory subject to become a pilot? Can you tell me as soon as possible? E-mail me; kawaii86100@rocketmail.com
Thank you in advanced smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/wink.gif
Kawaii Na , 23 Dec, 2011
wanna become pilot.
hallo Captain Lim...
i'm nisa i wanna be pilot..can u share ur live story,how to be pilot with me?? E-mail me: nisa_rawks96@yahoo.com
nisa , 29 Dec, 2011
how to be pilot
hello captain lim..
i'm zul and i wanna be a pilot.hence, can u share with me on how to be a pilot.i mean, where i should further my study, what course should i take. E-mail me: zul821@yahoo.com
zul , 30 Dec, 2011
becoming like you!
Hello Captain Lim,
I am sean, i wanna be a pilot that flies international flights.

can u share your live story?
can u share with me on how to be a pilot?

Email me: seanleejiaern@gmail.com
sean , 03 Jan, 2012
Hi Captain Lim,
I'm currently waiting for my SPM results.
I would like to know is there any scholarships ?
Email me - hamsterooi@yahoo.com
Thank you smilies/smiley.gif
Lishy , 03 Jan, 2012
hi pilot i am 18 years old and i am very short my height is 5.1 and my aim is to become pilot somewhere i heard that height is necessary to became pilot and i am very much scared about it will you please give me the clarification about it
ashwaq , 22 Feb, 2012
whats needed to study piloting?
hie captain lim
im 16 years old and finishing my last year in high school, i wanna be a pilot but i dont know what subjects to study either in college or in 6th form PLEASE can you help me by telling me what subjects i need to study. ive always wanted to be a pilot
thank you smilies/smiley.gif
email me: lilmiss82@yahoo.co.uk
kelly , 08 Mar, 2012
What course should I take to become a pilot.
HELLO captain, I'm 15 years old Filipino and aspiring to become a female pilot., please can you give me an advise what course should I take to become one?, and in what school should I enroll and where here at Philippines . really my greatest dream is to become a PILOT.

SIR please send me your answer here is my e-mail @aniloj_silvemist07@yahoo.com
jolina chu , 10 Apr, 2012
where in the Philippines should I enroll to become a pilot
HELLO captain, may I ask where should I enroll here in the Philippines to fulfill my dream to become a pilot?. and also what should I do to become a pilot ? Captain I'm only 15 years old Female. thank you smilies/smiley.gif

Email me : @aniloj_silvermist07@yahoo.com
jolina chu , 10 Apr, 2012
hey captain!
hello captain lim. is skydiving a part of pilot training?

and can i be a pilot
im currently 13 yrs old 6'1 ft tall and 108 kgs.

do i need to lose more weight?
Mark Jayson Galang , 20 Apr, 2012
hello captain,im nurul...i finally got my spm result..i really wanna be a pilot but i got D in physic...for english and math i score A and B+...DO I HAVE OPPORTUNITY FOR ME TO BE A PILOT????

EMAIL ME:@calavera_nurul@yahoo.com
nurul , 25 Apr, 2012
Criteria to be a pilot
Hey captain Lim,
I am sakshi here I am an Indian...
I am 15...
I want to become a pilot but I am still confused between a pilot and a corporate lawyer....
Pls tell me what are the criteria to become a successful pilot....
U can mail me on sakshipa@gmail.com
Thank you
Sakshi , 22 May, 2012
what criteria to become a successful pilot
Hi! captain Lim,
I am astha andI am an Indian...
I am 17...
I want to become a pilot ...
Pls tell me what are the criteria and qualification to become a successful pilot.... please reply sir i really need help of an expect
U can mail me on asthaparmar0016@gmail.com
Thank you!
astha , 06 Jun, 2012
Hi captain! i really reapect pilots and i really wanna become one. but i dont take physics, i take biology. im from singapore and im 16 years old. My height is about 1.62 cm and my weight is about 51 kg. am i fir enought to become a pilot? please email me at tancerelle3@hotmail.com
hii , 24 Aug, 2012
Hello captain lim, i wanted to know what i would have to do to become a pilot i am 18years old living in london and just dont know where to start from currently i am studying cabin crew and travel tourism i would be thankfull to you i you help me out in what i should do my email is mmenterprise420@hotmail.co.uk i will be waiting for you reply thabks
Musawar hassan , 05 Oct, 2012
dear captain
i have wanted to become a pilot since i can remeber and now im in my final year of school i am unsure as to which courses to take at sixth form can you offer any adivice ? if so please contact me at jessie_k@hotmail.co.uk
many thanks
Jessica Kristian , 01 Nov, 2012
Financing problem
Good Day captain, I'm from KL,Malaysia.
As I got info that now Height & eye sight is not a problem anymore.
I'm 19 yrs old this year & wanting to apply but I can't pay for the fee...Is there a scholarship or loan I can apply to cover my fee...?? Beside than PTPTN....
I take SPM on years 2011.& got 9 credits(science stream)
Send me email - lycoris_goh@hotmail.my
Lycoris goh , 29 Apr, 2013
Hello Captain Lim,
I'm a younger pilot lover. If you deign to helps me, the subjects must credits to be a pilot I don't get very well. Is that ok if the subjects had no credits?
Your willingness guarantee my future smilies/smiley.gif
Hopefully reply from you to mkaslisyasya@yahoo.com
syasya , 05 Nov, 2013
Hi I wnt to know the course to offer I shs to become a pilot
Kwaku , 14 Nov, 2013
Hi I wnt to known the type of course to offer in shs to be able to become a pilot pls reply to me nyameteaseo@gmail.com
Kweku , 14 Nov, 2013
Can i know suitable SPM grade for me to bacome a pilot
My name is zakka ullah khan,i'm 15 years old and studied in Sek Men Sains Tuanku Syed Putra.My height is 175 cm and my weight is 53 kg.Can i got admission in MFA and what is the suitable grades for me In SPM if i want to become a succesful pilot like you.I have short sightness problem .can i overcome this problem with laser treatment
Zakka Khan , 22 Nov, 2013
hi, may name is jonh and I am 15 years old.My very big question is:
In the future I want to be na airline pilot,but i alredy saw on the internet som projec of pilotless airplanes.I am afraid of ,in the future dont be na airline pilot.

Send me email: melo.joao@sapo.pt
It´s my dream.
jonh , 06 Dec, 2013
Pilot Wannabe
Hi Captain Lim

May I know if I'm qualified to be a pilot? I'm from Singapore and I am 14 Years of age, My height is 1.66cm and I am 60kg . I really want to enter the aviation industry and become a commercial pilot. My Eyesight is 300 degrees on the right and 150 degrees on the left. I plan to take Aviation Engineering in Singapore Polytechic as they offer this course,I also plan to go to Singapore flying club once I hit the age requirement of 16 years old. May I know what I can do to further improve or to get ready to become a commercial pilot? KINDLY EMAIL ME AT littlemisscarrie@ymail.com THANK YOU !
carrie , 10 Dec, 2013
become a pilot
hi captain lim

i am bangladeshi & my baby is 15 years old. we will decide that my baby become a successful commercial pilot as like u. pls sir suggest me what to do for my baby bacome a pilot.

tnks sir.
pls mail dola88sikder@gmail.com
dola sikder , 29 Jan, 2014
Wanted to become a pilot
I am a girl n I am indian.
Jst nw I hv completed my graduation from commerce stream.
N I wanted 2 know d duration n fees of the course of pilot.
Please reply me via email- sana.sk92@gmail.com
Thanking you!
Sana shaikh , 11 Jun, 2014
want to become a pilot
hi pilot my name is Bernard and i am 15
years old, i want to be a great pilot, but i
dont know what course to take in
highschool, any advise(Bernardkelly62@gmail.com
Bernard kpelly , 07 Aug, 2014
how can i become a pilot??
Hello sir. my name is pritilekha dey .Sir how can i become a pilot? i am a 3rd year diploma mechanical engineering student. after diploma i want to complete my b.tech. after b.tech how can i become a pilot please sir help me.. my email id is eypriti12@gmail.com'>Deypriti12@gmail.com.

pritilekha dey , 11 Nov, 2014
to become a great pilot
please captain I want to become a pilot in the future, am now 16 years, so which course should I offer in shs to become the pilot and how much is the fee
email me asiedumartin5@gmail.comm
Martin , 31 May, 2015
Can i become a pilot after taking commerce in my 11 and 12 grade??
Hello sir,my name is sonam wangmo. And i want to become a pilot because its my dream and right now i am in 12th grade and am taking commerce. so,can i opt for pilot corse after 12th grade. sir please help me as being elder from the family there is no one from whom i can seek help. sir please help me i would be great ful. my email id is sonongmo@gmail.com
sonam wangmo , 28 Jun, 2015
What it need to be a pilot
Hello sir , my name is Syazwani and becoming a pilot are of of my dream since i was little but i have a little problem . Can u suggest what course should i take in highschool, what it need to become a pilot , what is the sutable grades for me in SPM if i want to be a succesful pilot like u : ) i have a lot more questions to ask you please guide me and kindly email me PLEASE Mr.Lim : ) this is my email :
Syazwani , 12 Jan, 2016
can I apply for pilot without physics?
Hi captain,I just had my SPM this year,and i am interested in being a pilot.I am curious if someone who did not take physics in SPM apply to be a captain?
if there is a chance for someone who did not take physics in SPM apply to be a pilot,wich local flying academy accepts thus kind of application?
do reply my questions to my email qisrina99@gmail.com
i really need as much information that i can get,cause i really want to apply as a pilot,thank you.
Qisrina , 01 Dec, 2016
As a senior high graduate what are the first thing that i should do to be a pilot
Hi Capt . Im a grade 12 student and i really want to be a pilot. Can you help me where to start first? How to become a pilot starting from a senior high school graduate? Thankyou so much capt! goingcotricia@gmail.com
Tricia , 01 Sep, 2017

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