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A successful SIA Cad
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Singapore Airlines C
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Spontaneous Pneumoth
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Home > Interviewing Process > Do you have any idea of the recruitment process of the Singapore Airlines cadet pilots?
Do you have any idea of the recruitment process of the Singapore Airlines cadet pilots?
Pilot Career - Interviewing Process
Wednesday, 02 January 2008 20:34

Dear Capt Lim,

Do you have any idea of what are the stages that all potential SIA cadet pilots follow in the recruitment process? I have only been to their preliminary interview (panel of 3) but not their psychomotor and aptitude test. Somehow, the sequence is not as what is described on your website. Likewise, can give me a rough estimate of how long will the entire process take? Thanks a lot! Warmest



Hi Kean,

I have emailed Arif, a successful cadet pilot, to share his experience below:-

"I submitted my application in February 2003 and was called up for the first stage in the recruitment process, the Psychomotor Skill test in May. The results was given out on the same day. After about a month, I was requested to go for the Psychometric Test (IQ Test). I waited for about another month before the result came out. Thereafter, I was notified to go for the interview. I waited for another month for the results before I was informed to proceed for a Medical Check. Finally, I waited for another month for the successful medical results. And I'm still waiting for the call letter for the intake which is scheduled for December 2003.
I'm not sure about Singapore Airlines (SIA) process as it might differ from the other Asian Airlines. But basically, it will take up to five months for the whole process, depending on how urgent the company wants to employ a cadet pilot.

Basically the profile of a the recruitment process that I went through is as follows:-

i. Application Selection
ii. Psychomotor Skill Test
iii. Psychometric Test (IQ)
iv. Interview
v. Medical Check-up
vi. Final Selection

SIA maybe a little bit stringent in the selection process. But nothing to worry about. Just try your best and don't be nervous during the interview. The best tip is just to be relaxed. If you put too much pressure in the things you do, you'll never get it done right.
Excerpt from SIA website:-


This is an entry-level position for candidates with no commercial flying experience, but have a keen interest in taking up a life-long challenge with SIA as an airline pilot. To start as a trainee you should have completed your studies and ideally be in your twenties or early thirties.


- Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or Malaysian Citizens.
- Minimum 5 credits in the General Certificate in Education (GCE) Ordinary Level Examination or its equivalent e.g. SPM. These must include credits in English, Mathematics and a Pure Science subject, preferably Physics, taken at one sitting. In addition, applicants must possess one of the following:-

(a) minimum 2 'A's and 2 'O's, including General Paper, in the GCE 'A' Level Examination (or its equivalent); or
(b) minimum 2 Principal Passes (excluding the languages; Mathematics and Science subjects preferred) and 2 Subsidiary Passes in the STPM (or its equivalent); or
(c) a Polytechnic Diploma; or
(d) a Degree. - You must be medically fit and have visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aids, correctable to 6/6.


Training to acquire an Airline Transport Pilot's License (ATPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) will be provided at pilot training schools in Singapore and overseas. The duration of training is approximately 15 to 17 months. During this time, full board and lodging will be provided. Upon obtaining the flying license, you will be trained for a period of 1 to 2 years and on successful completion you will be appointed as a First Officer.


Successful candidates will be required to serve SIA for the duration of training and 7 years from the date of appointment as First Officer.Remuneration and Service Benefits

During training, you will be paid a monthly allowance, depending on your entry qualifications and the phase of training. Meal, location and night stop allowances will be paid, where applicable, during line training as a Second Officer. On appointment as a First Officer, your basic salary will range from SGD 4,300 to SGD 5,200 per month, depending on aircraft type. Allowances such as productivity allowance, meal and overnight allowances) will be given when operating a flight. In addition, there is an annual wage supplement of 1 month's basic salary, free medical and dental treatment, insurance coverage, free and discounted travel.


Application for Cadet Pilot

If you meet our requirements and are interested to apply, please download this application form and e-mail it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or send it to the following address:

HR Recruitment (Technical Aircrew)
Singapore Airlines Limited
c/o MDC (01-C)
SIA Training Centre
720 Upper Changi Road East
SINGAPORE 486852 Fax: (65)65498060
Please be informed that only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Hi Capt Lim, I have been successfully accepted by Singapore Airlines as a cadet pilot. For the benefits of other potential candidates, the following are the sequence of tests/interviews in the selection process:

1. Preliminary interview
2. Aptitude, Psychomotor test
3. Situational Test (test your ability to handle different circumstances)
4. Final Interview (Panel of 5-7 people)
5. Tea Party (how you conduct yourself to the interviewers)

The questions asked during the final interview varies among different candidates. Some of the questions include how much you know about the aviation industry, current affairs, etc.

As for the preliminary interview, it included technical questions on the different types of planes and some personal issues.

Best regards,



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GCE "O" levels
hey. i am a sec 4 student this year.It is stated that i need a pure science subject, what if i am studying sub science(phy,chem)? do i qualify?
Jonas , 13 Jan, 2009
GCE "O" levels
Subsidiary Science at GCE ‘O’ Level is not Pure Science as required by SIA above. Remember, in addition, you must have GCE ‘A’ Level or equivalent as well.

If you still have some doubt, please contact:

HR Recruitment (Technical Aircrew)
Singapore Airlines Limited
c/o MDC (01-C)
SIA Training Centre
720 Upper Changi Road East
SINGAPORE 486852 Fax: (65)65498060

Again, they have thousand of applications to sieve through. Those that do not meet the requirements would not be considered.
Captain Lim , 14 Jan, 2009
yes i understand. let us say i successfully obtain a diploma in an aerospace course in a few years time. would they consider my application based on only having sub science and not pure science in my "O"s? and also i have a medical condition called "heart murmur". do you think i still have a chance?
thanks for your time by the way.
Jonas , 17 Jan, 2009
GCE "O" levels
I cannot say for certain whether they would consider any qualifications that are not as what are required. You can only find out after you have submitted your applications.

SIA is quite stringent about medical conditions and I believe they will reject "heart murmur" cases . The best is to check with them or with an aviation doctor.smilies/cry.gif
Captain Lim , 17 Jan, 2009
Why couldn't the recruitment accept candidates who clear their O level eng at 2nd attempt?
Hi Kristine,

I was applying for SIA cadet pilot.
I got a Honours Degree from NTU. (Electronics Engineering)
I got a Diploma from SP. (Electronics Engineering)
I got A1 for Maths, Physics & Chemistry.
A2 for Geography
B3 for Chinese
English D7 (1st attempt) & C5 (2nd attempt)
I got class 3, 2B, 2A driving licenses and about 6 other driving license in National Service.
My physical condition and eye sight are perfect.
I was rejected even before the interview for Cadet Pilot. Why do the selection state all 5 GCE O level need to be cleared in one sitting?
All they need is ultimately someone who can do the job well and also I did clear in the 2nd sitting for my o level english. (wasn’t feeling well during the 1st sitting). Please advise who should I speak to for the appeal. thanks

Christopher , 26 Sep, 2010
Same Case with Chris
I have the same case with Chris everything is perfect except my english and wasnt feeling well during the O level i got a flu but still manage to get a D7 what is when we are not sick and my prelims i have a B4 does that counts? i need some advise who should i speak to for the appeal.Thanks
Aero , 27 Jan, 2011
how do i start about the whole process
i'm a malaysian citizen.i just finished my spm. what are the first step to take to becoming a cadet pilot?
lionnel , 12 Dec, 2011

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