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Home > Air Turbulence > I experienced severe turbulence and thought I would die!
I experienced severe turbulence and thought I would die!
Weather - Air Turbulence
Thursday, 02 October 2014 13:16

Air Turbulence Tips

Hello Capt Lim,

Warm greetings from India... I just read your book Life in the Skies and I must admit, the book is incredible and most of my fears about flying have been shed.

You know captain, I was unable to sleep the previous night before flying...that too was after the MH370 & MH17 incidents, I am still terrified...

The most I fear is air turbulence. I enjoy a smooth ride but when the plane starts to shake I am almost out of control and I panic a lot.

Recently on a flight from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, I experienced severe turbulence and I thought I would die of a heart attack.

Is air turbulence safe?

We are frequent AirAsia travellers. Being a budget airline, how safe is it?

Is it equipped with all modern technology like the huge planes and the larger Airbus?

I would be glad if you would be able to enlighten me with these doubts.

Thank you

Have a good day


Hi Rinku,

I wrote quite a lot about air turbulence issues in my website here. Anyway, turbulence is part and parcel of flying. On a good day, the flight is generally smooth whereas on other days, it may not be. That is quite normal. This is just like sailing on the ocean. When the sea is rough, the boat will invariably rock a bit.

All modern planes are built to be incredibly strong in the air. Their wings are designed to withstand up to about 150 per cent of the strongest force that the plane can ever experience in flight.

That said, turbulence is nothing to cause any fear to anyone. It is a question of discomfort and not a safety issue as long as you have your seat belt securely fastened when the cabin signs are switched on.

You can also experiment the strength of the turbulence by downloading a free G Force meter onto your smartphone here. You can compare the turbulence felt on board a plane to that of driving a car and see which is bumpier.

AirAsia has been voted the best low cost airline 6 times in a row by SkyTrax. The training is stringent and that normally determine how safe an airline is. Please go to page 25 of my book where I wrote some more about the safety of an airline.

The Airbus A320 is one of the most popular modern planes flying in the skies today. So far, there are around 5973 (up to 31.8.14) planes of different variant operating around the world with 10934 total orders. It is one of the most successful planes and has all the modern technology as that of the larger planes.

The Airbus A320 carries lesser passengers but is very suitable for short domestic or international flights.

Airbus A320 Family


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weather effects high altitude on Airbus
Capt. Lim
AF447 and QZ8501 tragedies are a deep nightmare for AIRBUS.
Specifically the assertion that if the aircraft were B777 and B73...the pax would be alive today.
jonathan clark , 20 Jan, 2015

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38 Readers' Comments
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