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A successful SIA Cad
If anyone could answer to Imene's query that would

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A successful SIA Cad
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What are the cruisin
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Singapore Airlines C
Hello Captain Lim, I am an Indian citizen, Engine

Spontaneous Pneumoth
my grandmother is 70 yrs. old also sugar patient.

Does a jet aircraft
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Home > Aptitude Tests > Malaysia Airlines Selection Process
Malaysia Airlines Selection Process
Pilot Career - Aptitude Tests
Written by Capt Lim   
Thursday, 22 November 2007 09:01
The Pilot At School

What are the psychomotor and psychometric tests in a pilot's selection process in Malaysia Airlines?

Dear Captain Lim,

Your website is so nice and it gives me a lot of useful information on becoming a pilot. I am going for my first interview as a cadet pilot soon. I was told that the interview will cover written and aptitude test, and a medical check.

I would be grateful if you could give me some more information about the aptitude and written tests. I wonder what the aptitude test would be like. Will it be a psychomotor or simulator test? I would like to prepare well before going to the interview.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


Hi Kun,

Part of your aptitude test will include the Psychomotor Skills Test. You would be invited to a room with a computer monitor and a joystick. The tests measure your psychomotor skills, that is, your ability to interpret information in two dimensions and come out with a three-dimensional solution. With your joystick, you are suppose to place a dot onto a pattern that moves randomly on the screen as it scrolls down. You would also be required to make use of your feet to control the supposedly 'rudder' of the airplane. All these are to test your eye-hand-foot co-ordination. It is designed to assess whether you have the ability to complete several tasks simultaneously. The longer you are able to place the dot on the set pattern, the higher would be your score. The final objective score would determine if you have the natural ability or aptitude to fly an airplane.

Depending on the Airlines you are applying for, the written tests would include some of these.- Psychometric, Maths, Critical Thinking, Problems Solving and English Language Tests. Only samples of Psychometric and Math tests are given below:-

The Psychometric Test consists of about 180 to 300 questions about you. The result is used to give the interviewer an idea as to your personality type. Don't pretend to be someone you aren't but on the other hand, try not to come across as a recluse! It should take about less than an hour to complete. They are not very particular about the timing although the questions give the impression that they are trying to hurry you to stop second guessing the answers. It is believed that they ignore the first one hundred responses because they know that everyone will be second guessing the questions. But by the hundred and first, most people are bored enough to be honest. Below are some of the examples, extracted from Wannabes :-

1. Do you prefer creative, artistic or practical hands-on jobs?
2. Do you prefer to stay out of arguments or always state your position?
3. If openly criticized, do you feel bad/not bothered?
4. Do you prefer to do a task alone or with other people?
5. Do you prefer to plan a task first or just get on with it?
6. Do you argue your case doggedly or try to reach a compromise?
7. Are you bothered by what others think of you?
8. Do you prefer to plan what you are about to say or just say the first thing that come to mind?
9. Do you prefer facts or theory?
10. Do you prefer to do one job at a time or lots of tasks at once?
11. Do you get annoyed that some people dress and act differently?
12. Are you in favor of Law and Tradition?
13. Do you buy magazines on a few or many different topics?
14. Would you find many/few bits of a newspaper interesting?
15. Do you gamble/take risks?
16. Do you think art should be accurate?
17. Do you enjoy trying to interpret the meaning of art and poetry?
18. Do you get annoyed by people who are inefficient?
19. Are you a believer in charity?
20. Do you give to charity regularly?
21. Do you get bothered / upset if one of your friends is in trouble?
22. Would you enjoy watching a film about others?

Maths Test (Extracts from Wannabes)

Thirty questions in tens minutes, pass mark is fifteen, there is no negative marking. The questions are not difficult and if you were given fifteen minutes everyone would get 100%. Time is critical! Take a timer or stopwatch, preferably one which counts down. You will not finish all thirty questions and some questions are harder than others. They used to group the hard ones at the end, now it seems they have put them in the middle which, if you tried to plow right through would stop you at about question fifteen. Taking into account twitch factor that would almost guarantee a fail. One successful approach is to fill in numbers 11 to 20 with random responses and then start the test, calculating answers for 1 to 10 and 21 to 30. There are five options for each question therefore you are likely to pick up two correct answers from the difficult ones. Below are some sample questions:

1. Divide 4 metres by 5
2. If 21 litres of paint cover 7/8 of a wall, how much paint is needed to finish?
3. Of 250 employees, 170 are male, what percentage are female?
4. A 120.4cm rod is cut into three pieces. Each cut wastes 0.2cm, how long is each piece?
5. A 60cm wire is bent into a rectangle whose sides are twice the length of the ends. What is the area of the rectangle?
6. A circle with a diameter of 4cm is drawn containing a square whose corners just touch the circumference of the circle. What is the area of the square? (Square of half the diagonal (8cm))
7. 2500 bricks fill one lorry, how many brick in six lorries?
8. Find the area of a tray whose diagram is given. etc, etc...


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Psycomotor software , Low-rated comment [Show]
i am facing financial problem to achieve my dream as a pilot as i come from a poor family background.
hi, good evening…i am alex…i am a fresh graduate from high school.my dream is to become pilot.i’m a motivated person and i have a deep interest in piloting.so far, the information i got from private flying academy did not comfort me at all.i was frustrated with the price they offered.it was too high literally…i hope i can get scholarship from cathay pacific.
wong soon yu , 26 Apr, 2011
Pilot Aptitude test
just a question. Is the aptitude test at malaysian airlines the same as the link below:


Thank you
Danesh , 27 Nov, 2011
Pilot Aptitude test
Is the MAS aptitude test the same as the link below.

Danesh , 27 Nov, 2011
Pilot Aptitude test
Yes but the website http://latestpilotjobs.com is a scam.
You pay for something that doesn't exist and doesn't work.
They never answer to your emails. I had to cancel the transaction at my bank
ouala , 10 Dec, 2011
I also had the same problem and i lost usd40.
I can't believe that there are fake pilots who try to defraud applicants !
Otherwise, visit :

irina , 13 Dec, 2011

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