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A successful SIA Cad
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Home > Aptitude Tests > A cadet pilot sharing his experience in the Psychomotor Skills Test.
A cadet pilot sharing his experience in the Psychomotor Skills Test.
Pilot Career - Aptitude Tests
Written by Capt Lim   
Sunday, 16 December 2007 19:08

Hello Captain Lim,

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude towards your vision of setting up a website that provides informative tips to air travelers and especially to those aspiring pilots out there. In fact, I am one of those pilots-wannabes...

Just back in a few days ago, I've attended a Psychomotor Test and I would like to share
the experience with those who have the same anxiety and interest like me. GOD bless all of you guys! I admitted that I've made a few mistakes in the tests and I would like to remind you all out there not to make the same mistakes just like I did. Remember, get yourself familiar with a joystick (especially the ones for flight simulator)..

Okay, the Psychomotor Test that I have just taken consists of 5 tests (be advised that during the test, you'll be seated in front of a desktop computer (just like the ones in cyber café) and in front of you, there'll be a joystick (Logitech), a mini-keyboard (1/3 size of the actual keyboard) and a mouse.

The Test Profile:

1. There would be a static cross at the center of the screen and you'd get to control 2 lines (vertical & horizontal) with your joystick. To move the horizontal line you could either pull back on the joystick or push forward. And for the vertical line its either left or right. Due to the virtual 'wind factor', the 2 lines would be moving constantly. The objective here is to steer the 2 lines together so that they will be upon the static cross. By the way, there is no feet rudder to control this. The primary input device is ONLY the joystick. This test consists of 3 parts. All 3 parts of the test are similar and the scores are from 1 - 10 for each part of the test.

2. Its basically a test of observation. In here, you'll have to wear a set of headphones and utilize the mini-keyboard as the primary input device. You'll get 3 men standing in 4 positions (facing you, back facing you, upside down facing you, and upside down back facing you). Each of them would be holding either a round or square object on each of their hands. It could be a square on the right hand and a round on the left hand or vice versa. So, from the
headphones there'll be a voice asking you how many of them are holding either a round/square object on which hands. So your answer would be either all 3 of them (keypad number3), 2 of them or 1 of them or it could be either none. Be advised that they all in various position and there is a time limit. I forgot how many parts of test are there for this one. But it should be either 2 or 3. For each progressive test, the time limit would be reducing. P.S. You would not know your score here.

3. For this test, again you'll be using the mini-keyboard as the primary input device. There are 10 similar sections here. You'll get 2 very 'messy' diagrams here and you are given a 'X' shape at the bottom. So for every section of the test, you'll have to define whether the 'X' shape could be found on the 1st diagram or the 2nd diagram or even both of the diagrams. You'll be given 30 seconds of time limit to specify that. P.S. You would not know your score here.

4. For this test, you'll be using the mouse to click on the objects. You'll be given a 'table' of
coordination. There are around 6 or 5 rows and 6 or 5 columns each. The rows represent the colors and the columns represent the shapes. For e.g. a blue square might falls onto the column of squares but on a red color row. If you accidentally click on that, it'll considered a 'miss'. However, if a green round falls onto the column of rounds and also on a green color row, it would be a 'hit' if you clicked on that. For this test, there are 2 similar parts. However, be advised that the rows of colors and columns of shapes would be constantly changing.

5. For this test, you'll be using a joystick again. You'll be virtually flying an aircraft here. The only thing is, you would have to fly into the trail of boxes that are coming towards you. This test consist of 3 parts and the range of scores are from 1 - 10 again. My only advice here is to move the joystick 'GENTLY'!!

Pheww! That's all!!

By the way, for test 1, my score is 5/10 , 7/10, 5/10. For test 4, my score is 8 Hits and 3 Misses , 8 Hits and 0 Miss. Whereas for test 5, my score is 1/10, 5/10, 8/10. Well for the last test, basically it is my first time using a joystick and I did terribly for the first part. But I believe I'm a fast learner and able to grasp onto the control in the following parts.
Therefore my question is, what are the chances for me to pass this psychomotor test?

Sincerely, Anonymous,

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of the aspiring pilots. The format of the psychomotor tests are basically to test the eye-hand coordination of the candidate and also to find out how fast one learns from previous mistakes. Your last test showed that you were a fast learner! Anyway, I cannot tell you about your chances of passing the tests. Just be patient and wait for the result!

All the best to you!


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Comments (17)

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aptitude test
I took a similar aptitude test for the Air Force.

I scored 8/10,9/10,9/10 for the first test.

All hits for the second test.

And 9/10,10/10,10/10 for the third test.

How good are my chances for making the Air Force?
james , 14 May, 2008
Psychomotor Skills Test
Hi James,

Your scores are very good. You have shown improvement. That's what matters.

All the best to you smilies/smiley.gif !
Captain Lim , 14 May, 2008
Psychomotor Skills Test
Hi Captain Lim

My average result for the tests was about 8.5/10, apart from the tests on flying into the trail of boxes. 1/10, 2/10, 2/10. which i find it really hard.

Do you think i still have any chance of being a pilot in the air force?
Michael , 31 Mar, 2009
your the bomb la!
thanks alot man.. you really helped me la.. im goin for this psychomotr and pshchometric exam this sat in air asia acedemy.. hopefully itll be the same.. thanks ok.. god bless!
daniel , 21 May, 2009
thanks a lot
thank you a lot that a real buck up....what you've done is noble and thanks for your concern on unexperienced starters like us....am about to take the same in a few day time....hopefully with that info. al be better placed....i hope you find joy in your result
cpt.muchesia , 04 Jul, 2009
you guys are extremely good...as in those scores...me too i took the psychomotor test and passed....the only tricks are to maintan composure and move that joystick vrey softky...
muchesia , 22 Jul, 2009
need help
hi first of all my dream is to be a pilot but i have some proplem with the psychomotor test if any body can tell me if theres any software of this tesst to practice because the first time i failed in this test plz i need your help
abdulla , 24 Jul, 2009
need hep :-(
hey guys i am going to join the singapore youth flying club soon.. i was told by the staff there that the medical test will be the same test as the republic of air force pilots requirements... well i have very lil time... and my aptitude is quite low... im looking out for a psp game that can help me improve my hand eye coordination but i cant find any... so if anyone can tell me any game that will improve my aptitude that will be very greatfull.. pls help me... thanks...
farhan , 19 Mar, 2010
urgent help
Dear Captain Lim
i failed my psychomotor test few days ago with a very low score. after that than i come across your web-site. I need your help to pass my next psychomotor test.
Your kind assistance is much appreciated.Thank You.
JR , 28 May, 2010
Urgent Help , Low-rated comment [Show]
thanks for your information about this pshychomotor test. i am going to attend the test this month. i really hope that i will pass the test. becoming a captain one day..
hero , 30 Jul, 2011
i will be doin my pschomotor tests this week n looking at ppls scores here is freaking me out!u guys are geniouses!i hve never held o seen a joystick,hw is it used?and where can i get a test practise or which computer games can i play that improve eye-hand co ordination??
A8911054 , 16 Sep, 2011
airline pyschometry test
hello friend............can someone please guide any website or any game available online by which i can prepare my self for pyschometry test conducted by airline for crew selection

pilot appearing for airline job , 12 Oct, 2011
hi capt,

can you send a link to practice ADAPT test befo
Perera , 01 Aug, 2014
Test software for psycomotor
Hi all!

There is an app on appstore called skytest its expensive but you will get 5 psycomotor tests in this APP with alot of tests like physics, maths and etc etc, so use it. But there is problem you cannot use joystick u have to move everything by the touch screen. Btw i have it on my ipad. And please read description of the app before you buy it.


Future's captain
Ismail , 01 Oct, 2014
Cadet Pilot Applicant
Dear Captain Lim ,

I have a question . I have applied for a cadet programme and waiting to be called for the selection process.Anyhow , im would like to know what chapters or type of questions will be asked in terms of maths and physics?

Could you please advise me on this?

Thanks Sir !

John , 07 Apr, 2016
Before the test, the examiner said that they made the exam harder this time compared to what they usually give.

I took the same test plus 2-3 additional test on solving something while on the joystick which was not here. This was a study now, pay later cadet exam.

On the first activity with joystick, I got 3/10, 5/10, 5/10.

On the trailing boxes, 3/10, 3/10, 3/10 I think.

On this color and shapes, it was 8 hits, 4 misses then 10 hits, 2 misses.

I found the joystick difficult to control on the trailing boxes and would sometimes deviate from you intended to. I do play computer games but not on joystick.

Anon , 24 Nov, 2017

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