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Just About Flying
The alternative route to fulfill an incomplete dream...
Pilot Career - Age
Written by Capt Lim   
Sunday, 12 October 2008 20:48

Dear Capt Lim,

Thanks for your email. I really appreciate your effort in replying (see this query) even though you are quite busy with your current flying job.

Thanks again for your advice. For your information, I have a long discussion with one of the Flying Instructor from Integrated Flying Academy in KL about the above subject. Fortunately, I have been given excellent guidance towards becoming a pilot. I will be taking my PPL this January to qualify me for the license (single engine - 50 hrs) and then proceed for my IR (dual engine - 35 hrs) to qualify me as a pilot with PPL & IR. Later on, I will continue with the Assistant Flying Instructor course which needs me to complete another 150 hrs of solo flying.

Since I want to be a Flight Instructor, I was advised to get my CPL for Fixed-Wing and later on PPL for Rotor-Wing. I've just send my application letter to DCA and currently waiting for the reply.

I agree with your idea that I might not really need this career since I owned an established consulting firm and specialized in the development of Palm Oil Mill, Palm Oil Refinery, Biodiesel Plant, Kernel Crushing Plant etc. at the moment. But as I mentioned earlier, I'm not only looking for another alternatives for my career but I'm also chasing for 'my incomplete dream'.

Why do captains earn such high salary?
Professional Pilots - Salary
Written by Capt Lim   
Friday, 12 September 2008 23:47
Hi Captain Lim,

I am sorry to ask this question that might be bothering to you, but why do the pilots, especially captains receive very high pay? I am aspiring to become a pilot for Malaysia Airlines and I need the answer to this question.

I am quite scared when I recently found out that pilots, especially captains in Malaysia Airlines can earn up to RM 30,000 per month. Now, that is quite a large sum of money for local Malaysians like me where the sum of my parent's salary doesn't even reach RM 5000 and I have always wanted to earn that much.

Does a pilot, especially a captain in Malaysia really earn that large salary?

Why do pilots receive high pay and what is the rationale behind the high pay?

What is the reason for the high pay? Is it that the job is too prolific or just because you are risking your life?

I hope I will receive an honest and just reply.

Thank you very much.


Satia Silan,
An aspiring pilot who will be joining Malaysia Airlines in few years time.
(I am 16 right now)

Aviation enthusiast Dr JB Lim's account of his trip to China...
Flying - Dr JB Lim's Corner
Written by Capt Lim   
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 11:50

I reproduce Dr JB Lim's account of his flight (cc to me) to his friend, Xavier Goh. He is very passionate about anything on flying and goes to the extreme to dissect his journey scientifically. This is only for those who love facts and figures (apologies - the figures do not come out legibly due to the reformating)... Captain Lim.

I first flew from KLIA (Malaysia) for Shenzhen, China at exactly 18 seconds past 2:32 a.m. in the morning (2:32:18 a.m.). This was the precise moment in time when the plane’s wheels lifted off the runway at KLIA. After hurtling in the skies all night at a height of over 8 km above the Earth surface at a near constant velocity of 465 knots (860 kph) at a bearing (path of flight) 54 0 NE, we finally touched down at Shenzhen Int’l Airport when the plane’s wheels touched the runway at precisely 4 seconds past 6:04 a.m. (6:04:04 a.m.).

The velocity of the plane changed slightly by just a few knots every few seconds probably due to the directions of the cross, head and tail winds outside. The thrust of the engines probably did not change much I guess.

On arrival we took a coach to Guangzhou for a city tour, breakfast-lunch and shopping. In the afternoon we took a one hour domestic flight from Guangzhou at precisely 15 seconds past 1:31 p.m. (1:31:15 sec p.m.). This again was the exact moment in time when the wheels lifted off the runway at Guanzhou Int’l Airport, and it landed at precisely at 03 seconds past 2:30 p.m. (2:30:03 p.m.) when the plane touched the runway at Changsha. Both flights were by Shenzhen Airlines.

Whether my flight to Boston from London will fly over the Atlantic or Greenland?
Flying - Airways
Written by Capt Lim   
Monday, 16 March 2009 15:18

Hi Captain Lim,

First of all, I love this site. I've already spend over an hour reading the questions and answers!

I'm going to be travelling to Boston (don't know when or the aircraft type yet) and just wondered whether they fly near land, ie Iceland/Greenland/Canadian coast, etc or whether they just fly straight over the Atlantic?

I'm a very nervous flyer and I tell myself that they stay near land so they can make emergency landings etc?


Hi Jon,

Your flight to Boston will either be flying over the Atlantic or nearer to Greenland. It all depends on the prevailing weather conditions. The airways change daily to take advantage of the jet streams or to avoid some bad weather system.

I have flown across the Atlantic many times on the Boeing 777 towards New York (routing close by to Boston) and most of the times we were given the Iceland-Greenland-Canadian routes, but on the return leg, it was mostly over the Atlantic.

Even though the plane may be flying over the Atlantic Ocean, many airports along the way (eg, Shannon, Keflavik, Stromfjord, Hallifax, St Johns, Gander) are nominated to be used as emergency landing fields should the need requires it.

So there is no fear that you would be too far away from the land alt

A BA Boeing 777 flight from London to Boston

The Dangers of Volcanic Ash
Weather - General
Written by Capt Lim   
Saturday, 17 April 2010 04:26

Many flights in the United Kingdom and northern Europe have been grounded because of the volcanic ash cloud that originates from Iceland.

Why are volcanic ashes dangerous?

Firstly, they act as sandblast on the windscreen and obscure the pilot’s visibility. The ash particles can block fuel nozzles and cover the holes that detect airspeed, resulting in unreliable speeds - that means difficulty flying the plane. Next, the ashes start to melt and vaporize inside the combustion chamber, causing further internal damage and subsequently, the engines to fail.

I am glad to say that all airlines pilots are generally well prepared for this emergency. In fact, in my airline, all the pilots were already or in the process of being checked (kind of 6-monthly test) to handle this particular emergency even well before the report of this major volcanic eruption.

Why the precautions to shutdown the airspace across Europe?
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