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Home > Eyesight > More about Lasik surgery from the Forums...
More about Lasik surgery from the Forums...
Pilot Career - Eyesight
Monday, 26 November 2007 07:40

Hello all,

I did LASIK 5 years ago. Just speaking from my own experience:

Pre-LASIK condition:

Left: 125 degrees, 100 degrees astigmatism
Right: 150 degrees, 150 degrees astigmatism

Post-LASIK condition:

Left: 6/4
Right: 6/6

I got rejected and the info from HR is, my Pre-LASIK astigmatism for the right eye is 150 degrees. So if you wish to get in, your astigmatism must be less than 150.

Good luck!


I am 26 years old this year and I am thinking of applying for SIA after my LASIK surgery.

Left eye: 725 degrees , 125 degrees astigmatism
Right eye: about 600 degrees, 100 degrees astigmatism

The results were measured today using a machine, but I can't remember the exact degree for my right eye.

My PES Status is Perm C2L3.

I broke my leg during NS, but now I can run and walk normally.

My questions:

1. Is my Pre-LASIK myopia too high?

Alaric Ng said his pilot friend told him that SIA pilots do not have a pre-LASIK standard but Silvermail said that his pre-LASIK astigmaticism was too high and was rejected. Hopefully someone can answer this?

2. After my LASIK surgery, generally how long should I wait before applying to SIA?

3. Will my PES status affect my application ?

Thanks for reading!

Hi Thomas...

1. Is my Pre-LASIK myopia too high?

Dunno, last heard CAAS do review on pre-Lasik conditions of applicants. No one has ever confirmed on that. Anyway, if your vision is already corrected and stabilised and "safe" to use, I'm not sure if it will get as bad like before?

2. After my LASIK surgery, generally how long should I wait before applying to SIA?

Guidelines set is at 6 months, individual results may differ.

3. Will my PES status affect my application?

50-50. You will still need to go through the same medical tests as other applicants I presume. Maybe you will need to sound out that you had this problem before and another set of tests will be done to screen you. For this, you will need to be honest about it.

The thing is, just shoot the application form and try when you deemed you are ready. Suggestions here will still be suggestions by fellow Forummers. You hold your own key to your answer ultimately.

Hi all,

For those out there who are considering Lasik to be a pilot, I would recommend that you check with HR first before going for the operation. A simple way would be to simply submit your application.

My eyesight is :

L: 350 / 125
R: 375 / 125

I have been rejected by HR at the e-interview due to my high astigmatism which the airline views as a disqualifier even if corrected using Lasik.

Lucky I waited for e-airline's reply or else I would have wasted $$$$ for the Lasik surgery.

Wannabes with minor astigmatism may stand a chance of getting through without Lasik.

Best of luck to you guys there. Smile


Hi guys,

I have been reading this thread for a while and maybe it's time I break my silence...

I heard it myself from the people in charge that they do consider candidates who had gone through Lasik. This is confirmed. It's just that you have to wait for 1 year to stabilise your eyes. And the good news is, they are considering shortening the waiting time to 6 months. And for those myopic below 500 degress, you can pull through without going for Lasik.

Hope, this is good news for all the speckie wannabes. 


P.S. You can go for the interview first and wait few months for the stabilisaton period to be over.....so apply now...while they're recruiting


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Thinking of doing lasik surgery
I had my eye test today and Doctor told that. I had to wear contact glass so i'm thinking about doning lasik surgery so i can become pilot
Saad , 06 Jul, 2013

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