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the deadline i guess it's the end of this februry,

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Home > Height > Are there any height restrictions for one to become a pilot?
Are there any height restrictions for one to become a pilot?
Pilot Career - Height
Wednesday, 02 January 2008 19:42

Hi Capt Lim,

I am an Electronic Engineer, graduated in 1999 and 28 years old now. My life time dream is to become an airline pilot. After graduation, I went for an interview with SIA once and twice with MAS. All of them turned me down even before they gave me a chance to prove my ability and my interest in becoming a pilot. I did sit for the psychomotor test once and managed to pass it.

The main reason for the rejection was because I was short by 1 cm according to MAS standard (163 cm) and 3 cm by SIA standard (165 cm). I am 162 cm tall.

My job requires me to travel extensively throughout South East Asia. I have noticed that there are many pilots, including captains of Boeing 747s who are shorter than me.

Please clarify whether there there are any International Standard for height of the pilots, either set by the UK CAA, FAA or any other governing bodies. When I browsed the Web, none of the relevant bodies highlighted the height requirements.

I need your kind explanation on this matter.



Hi Kumaran,

As far as I know, there is no height restriction in order for one to be issued with a professional pilot licence, either by the UK CAA, the FAA or any governing bodies. However, airlines on their own, may impose their requirements. So it is a matter of company policy. If you choose to fly for general aviation, your height of 162 cm is not a problem at all.

I wish you all the best in your future flying endeavor.


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I'm 157cm , Low-rated comment [Show]
height problem , Low-rated comment [Show]
Boeing 747 , Low-rated comment [Show]
hai sir...my dream , Low-rated comment [Show]
sorry , Low-rated comment [Show]
tall? , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
Am i TOO Tall? , Low-rated comment [Show]
... , Low-rated comment [Show]
my height is 5'5'' foot...is it enough???
Nilesh , 01 Sep, 2010
Height Problem , Low-rated comment [Show]
Student pilot
Hey everyone, my name is Andrew and I'm currently a student pilot attending college, I've had my pilot's license for almost 4 years and have gotten to know quite a few people (including pilots) in the aviation industry. From what i can understand there is absolutely no fixed height minimum or maximum. To put it simply, the only way height becomes an issue is if you are too tall or too short to safely operate and aircraft. and since all aircraft are different, it is impossibly to have a general height standard for aviation. if you are concerned about your height, im sure you could research cockpit dimensions of the type of aircraft you hope to end up on, or maybe find a form in which you can talk to a pilot of the type of aircraft you are interested in. They should be able to make a few suggestions regarding height.
hope this helped
Andrew , 16 Feb, 2011
tall and study , Low-rated comment [Show]
My height , Low-rated comment [Show]
my height , Low-rated comment [Show]
join emirates
hi sir am pranav i am in 9 th now and i want to become a pilot for emirates airlines so can you tell me the further procedure.
pranav , 23 Jan, 2012
I want to be pilot , Low-rated comment [Show]
hi everyone,
Im cp.sheena khan and i have gone through your problems.Well,where as i think you must not leave your hopes and Im sure if you keep practing like this, you will soon acheive your goals
Just remember- you can do this.
thank you!smilies/wink.gif
sheena khan , 01 May, 2012
i want to be a pilot
hi, my height only 155 cm . can i be a pilot?
reen , 29 Jun, 2012
I think its depend on what aviation you wanted to join, and sure, with moneys and a rabbit hole, you can bypass this requirement (if you know what i mean):
Height (inches): 66 - 78
Height (cm): 167 - 198
Weight: 56.8 - 94.0 Kg
Functional reach (shoulders to thumb-tip): 740-900 mm
Sitting height: 865-1010 mm
Buttock knee: 560-660 mm
Buttock - heel: 1000-1200mm
(source: ask.yahoo.com)

I am about 170 cm, and I've saw some pilot are about some cm shorter and much fatter than it should be.
dude you don't need to know me , 24 Apr, 2013
Why are pilots supposed to be tall
Tshwarelo , 19 May, 2013
1. pilots need a certain leg length so the need to be tall @ ms
2. u see fat pilots, do consider if they where fat while joining. i bet not
3. u see shorter pilots cause back then there where very few pilots and demand was higher. now its the other way round.
4. stop comparing yourself. they have a job. you need one so buckle up n do you best.
5. if ur in 9th grade or 5th or whatever and not tall enough, work towards it. swim and whatever u can
amy , 03 Aug, 2013
I'm Confused, But it's my dream , Low-rated comment [Show]
can i be a pilot?
hi sir.im 168 cm tall and im 18 years old.cn i be a pilot?pls reply..smilies/smiley.gif
shane prageeth , 06 Jul, 2014
Hi, am 157cm tall, I don't know if I would be allowed into the pilot school
miracle , 14 Nov, 2014
Am 157cm tall, I don't know if I would be allowed into the private pilot school
miracle , 14 Nov, 2014
confused same
im 165cm. im studying 12th. may be in 2months i may grow for more 3cms. can i enter air school??//
Karthik Leone , 19 Feb, 2015
Can I become a pilot?
Hi sir, I am 16 and I am 187 cm tall do you think that i can become a pilot. Thank you!
Unknow Anonymous , 16 Jul, 2015
Height of a 747 pilot.
Dear Mr. Lim,

I"am 34 years old and would want to become a pilot and 747 planes has always been a fascinating dream machine since the age of 9. Is there a minimal height requirement for a 747 pilot..?

My height stands 157cms tall. appreciate your kind advice.


Marzouk , 31 Oct, 2015
Am I qualified enough to be a pilot? It's my dream and I'm super confused.
I'm 16 and my passion is to become a pilot. But my counselor and friends have different opinion towards my ambition, which is about my physical. I did score on my subject such as physics and maths so I think there wouldn't be any problem for me. But my main problem is, I'm 150cm tall and am wondering am I qualified enough to become a pilot? In order to become a pilot, do I need to maintain my body weight? I'm confused because my only dream is to become a pilot, a successful one. But, my physical condition seems to block me from reaching my one and only dream. It would be a relief for me to know your respond. Tq.
Izz K , 04 Nov, 2015
wheather my dream come true?
sir i am 155cm in tall.. w=can i become a lady pilot?
vishali , 05 Nov, 2015
Height tension
I am chirag and i am going to give 10th Board Examination and i want to be a pilot but at that time my height is ''5''ft so,i want to know that is it enough to become a pilot.
Chirag Khandelwal , 10 Feb, 2016
height restrictions
sir, i am only of 5'1". then is it possible for me to be a pilot ?
nilisha , 21 May, 2016
Does Height and eye sight matter for a pilot?
Hi sir,
Im 15 yrs old now and my height is 160cm, i hope i can grow 3 more cms taller.what is the minimum height required for a lady pilot and does eye sight matter?
Hrithi , 27 May, 2016
being a girl can i be a pilot?
i am vaibhavi, and i have just passesd out with my SSC board examination, n my dream is to become a successfull pilot✈
sir i wanted to know that being a girl,would my career in being a pilot wud b successful,wud i be facing ny problm like,'NOT GETTING HIRED'? just because a female???
wud such condition i be facing...n my height us approx..(5'2)
plzzz do reply sir!!
waiting for yur concession!!
vaibhavi patil , 23 Jun, 2016
Height and Sight Problem
Hi Sir,

I am only 150cm and wearing specs. Am I reach the requirement to become a pilot? I am female but becoming a pilot is my lifetime dream.

Best regards,
Boon Wei
Boon Wei , 28 Jun, 2016
im 170 i can be apliot ????smilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
PILOT , 11 Oct, 2016
Height confusion
I am Kaira and my ambition is to be a pilot but my height is 152cm.I would like to know whether I'd be able to become a with this height.
Kaira , 02 Jan, 2017
height problem
can a person of height 5 feet , be a pilot ????smilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
tanu , 12 May, 2017
height problem
can a person of height 5 feet , be a pilot ????smilies/cry.gifsmilies/cry.gif
tanu , 12 May, 2017
Being a pilot
Hi! My name is Camellia and I want to become a pilot, I live in Singapore and I'm afraid I can't achieve my dream and somemore like it's not I'm missing the height by 1 or 2 cm, I'm actually 150cm and the height restriction is I think 165cm. So I honestly want to do this as a career and I feel like I can't right now. Can u help?
Lia , 29 Jul, 2017

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