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Home > Height > Can I become an airline pilot when I am only 163 cm tall?
Can I become an airline pilot when I am only 163 cm tall?
Pilot Career - Height
Monday, 14 November 2005 11:24
Hi Captain Lim,

My name is Tony and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I came across your site and it is fantastic. I have certainly learnt heaps. I would want to become a pilot one day as it has always been my dream. If I don*t reach there, at least I want to do something dealing with planes such as getting an aviation degree or become an aerospace engineer.

I was just wondering - is there a certain height you to reach to become an airline pilot? I am currently 17 years old and I am 163 cm tall. Many people have told me that it is hard to become an airline pilot but I am determined to work hard to reach there. I was just wondering whether I can become an airline pilot when I am that short?



Hi Tony,

This is the most common (and repeated) question I receive from aspiring pilots. Nevertheless, I will repeat my answers.

In the early days of hiring pilots, there was a minimum height for pilots at most airlines. Generally, these requirements have not strictly being followed today and some have mainly fallen by the wayside. To some, the only requirement is that a prospective pilot can fly the simulator provided during the interview process without undue problems due to height or strength (i.e. he can reach the rudder pedals and see over the dashboard or can control an airplane without restriction, etc). I remember when I was doing my training in the United Kingdom - a course mate of mine who was only 158 cm (5* 2") was selected for the flying training. Even though he satisfied the minimum height, they later realized that his legs were too short to control the rudders (had problem recovering from the spin - a difficult flying maneuver) and was terminated from further flying training.

So really, there is no official height restriction in order for one to be issued with a professional pilot license, either by the UK CAA, the FAA or any governing bodies. However, airlines on their own may impose their requirements. It is a matter of company policy.

Let me quote you some airlines that still require pilots to have minimum or maximum height restrictions:

To qualify for the Cathay Cadet Airways Pilot Program, you must be at least 160 cm tall. Malaysia Airlines would require their pilots to be at least 163 cm (5* 4") tall and Singapore Airlines requirement is 165 cm.

Some airlines in UK have various height restrictions between 158 cm (5* 2") to 191 cm (6* 3").

The physical requirements of US American Airlines: Able to lift, push and pull heavy articles as required and to reach all emergency equipment on all aircraft types. Pilots* heights must not exceed a maximum of 6* 2" and ideally, be between 5*1-1/2" to 6* 0".

So I cannot really advise whether you are too short for an airline job. You got to find out from the specific airline yourself. If you choose to fly for General Aviation, your height of 163 cm is not a problem at all.


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Singapore Airlines
Please drop the idea to apply to SIA if you are not at least 165 cm. They are very stringent about enforcing this rule. The lady told me it's 'cos SIA has a fleet of very BIG planes. I tried doing that and was only a few cm below the requirements.
Was told to go back home. Well, no hard feelings though as I did not expect anything from the beginning. No expectations, no disappointments.
Joe , 14 May, 2010
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South African Airways , Low-rated comment [Show]
i am just 13 and i am always dreaming about being a pilot. i am so pleased to visit this website as i have got my answer but can you please answer me 1 more thing-''have u seen other women pilots 5''1.''
snigdha , 09 Oct, 2012
Is IB math SL or HL and physics SL/HL required to become a pilot? , Low-rated comment [Show]
I want to be a pilot..
captain..help me..i want to be a pilot ..how i can do that??
please help me..
noraini bt sabturani , 26 Dec, 2012
I want to became a pilot , Low-rated comment [Show]
Hi Captain

I am Bunthorn. When I was young my dream is to be a pilot. And I really love airplane. But when I was six years old. The bone of my right hand was broke by accident. Now it is ok and I can do everything great with my both hand. Some people told me if I got used to broke any bone in my body I can not become to a pilot. Is it right or wrong ? Everyday I still want to be a pilot. I want my dream come true.

Thank for your answer
Bunthorn , 02 Apr, 2013
I'm 17 years old and I want to ne an airline pilot. I want to know an exact height to be a pilot. And what shouldi study after high school. Thank you very much.
Fiona , 18 Jul, 2013
hi captain I wanted to know if I could still be a airline pilot even if I'm 6'4 pls. reply
rodel abella , 10 Aug, 2014
Good morning sir , I come from west Papua ( Indonesia). I want to ask; can I become a pilot even if my height is 156cm ? I'm really afraid if I won't pass the requirements because I really want to become a pilot someday, and I'm a senior now in my school, next year I'll proceed to college. So I'm really nervous that I won't pass the test. It's my passion to become a pilot someday and I need to know. I'm really hoping for your positive answer. Truly yours, Efika Kora.
Efika , 02 Oct, 2014
What is the minimum height requireed to become a pilot
Nelson , 27 Apr, 2015
hi captain i am 16 yrs old and my height is only 150cm tall. i would like to ask if i can get a job that suited in my choosen career after i graduated as a aeronautcal engineer?

valere lim , 31 May, 2015
First officer ex.
Regarding height requirements, I doubt at all that a problem exists, when I worked with KLM Captains we had a pilot his nick name was one metre Peter, he still works with KLM, i am not sure of his actual height but he was rather short. I hope this is of some assistance.
colin , 13 Jun, 2015
I am doing my btech at present in communucation.
I am a girl of height 160cm.Weight 53kgs.Do i have a chance to become a pilot,or atleast any job in arlines in any streams.
ASLESHA , 03 Jul, 2015
Hi captain. I chose bio , chemistry , and physics in my advanced level . Am i eligible to study pioit engineering. Ifnit , what should i further do to study pilot engineering??
jane , 08 Jul, 2015
can i become a pilot
Hi sir I am santhosh from madras. I am currently doing in 12th so I want to become a pilot with less Fee's and I am just 153cm but sir I am very passionate in becoming a pilot. so what do sir.
santhosh , 08 Aug, 2015
I wanna be a pilot!!!
I wanna be a pilot n its y dream I am 13 yrs old n my height is 5feet 3 or 4inch......my mom is 5feet 1inch and my dad is 5feet 5inch Idont know wherher my height will grow or not I really want to be tall............ant anycase I want to be a PILOT.........
Aditi , 25 Oct, 2015
Hi I'am Alexander Sales, My height is just 5'2 1/2 Can i be a commercial pilot with that height?
Alexander Sales , 30 Oct, 2015
Color Deficiency
Hi, I'm a student in Taiwan.
Is it possible in Philippines for a color deficiency person to be a pilot?
Since I only get to know that I have this problem while pilot physical qualification test, my deficiency is rather not serious...
There are already color deficiency allowed and flying in Australia, is it valid too in Philippines?
Tany , 30 Nov, 2015
What is specifically subject/s that pilot course have?
Im 16 years old an to be a pilot is my biggest dream i my whole life, I would like to know what specifically subject/s that pilot course have? and I hope that it is not a big deal in to my knowledge I studying hard I do research about the aviation course to know more information about it.By the way, Im Axel from philippinessmilies/smiley.gif

axel , 25 Apr, 2016
Can i become a pilot
Hello Sir,
Like every one, I have a common question. I am 13 years old and I know this is the time when a child should think about it's career. Sir my height is 5'1 and i really wants to become a pilot please tell me can I become a pilot. It's my goal of life and I need to achieve it.
Chahat Gupta , 15 Jul, 2016
Can i be a pilot?
Hi. I'm Tiffany. I'm here to ask if i have a chance to be a pilot with my height 150cm and in 16 years old.
Tiifany , 31 Aug, 2016
I want to be a pilot
Hi captain
I am sri lankank
I want to be a pilot since i was in 10 yrs old
Now i am 16
I want to know how to became a pilot
i hope to do tecnology subject in my al
How can i became a pilot
I am 5'8 feet highet
Please help me.....
Senush , 26 Dec, 2016
want to become commercial pilot
hey i am 16 years old and my daydream is to become pilot what should be my height and weight ....i want this thing to be in india
khushi jhankharia , 22 Apr, 2017
Haw can trainer pilot pay loan .& How long it will take
Marilez , 24 May, 2017
Enquiry about height
Since my childhood it’s my dream to become a commercial pilot. But now my dreams are fading away as I’m 19yrs old and I’m stuck at 152cm of height. Is there any scope now to become a pilot.

Your early reply is highly appreciated,
Soham Roy , 04 Nov, 2017
Hello Captain
I am 18yrs old and I'm 152cm can I become a pilot?
Mohamed , 21 Nov, 2017
What do I have to study to become a pilot. like what do I take for university or college
Mohamed , 21 Nov, 2017

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