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Book Review of LIFE IN THE SKIES

Life In the Skies : Everything You Want To Know

About Flying

by  Captain Lim Khoy Hing

 Now everyone can fly!   Now everyone can know about flying as well!

In Life In The Skies, Captain Lim opened another aspect of the skies above those of us on the ground, and around us,  if we had been flying. Captain Lim had crystallised  his 40 years of flying experience into 25 tastefully written chapters enticing the reader to explore into the thousands of queries that ran through the minds of airline passengers.

Questions  on what are pilots made, whether of  pure courage or lifelong commitment to observance of systems and precision, were answered in meticulous  details which could deter some pilots-to-be from pursuing further in their courses.  The author’s  many encounters in  airports around the world  prepared pilots and passengers alike that  destination-hopping could be less pleasurable,  but challenging,  instead.

Safety is the most important word in the troika of passenger, pilot and airline.  The factors which could affect  this bond for achieving  on-time performance  to enable the passenger not to miss connecting flights was elaborated  with  real life events. In this social contract of a different kind, what are the rights and responsibilities of each party?  Honesty is as much important as sobriety on board, as explained by Captain Lim, warning against giving birth to babies on board, as well as  not to test the captain’s  patience  from maintaining law and order on “his aircraft”  as a judge would say of  “his court”.

Life  In The Skies speaks out in easy to read language. Interjected with  aviation jargon, the  author  had skilfully implanted familiarity of such vocabulary into  the reader’s mind.   On  hearing the word  “taxi” again,  the passenger would most probably clarify  context  before    calling  the cab station on the ground.

The book had delivered the author’s objective of bringing airline life to the man-on-the-street.   Life  In The Skies justifies a place in the television lounge.  It is certainly worth a second read.

Reviewed by Dr. Daphne Loke,  Lake Poet.


Author, Political Sojourn; Leadership Reflections and Beyond Obstacles

September 20, 2013

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