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Captain Robert J. Boser
Editor-in-Chief, AirlineSafety.com

How safe is safe? Short and simple, yet one of the most profound among the many questions fearful flyers have asked of aviation safety experts, for many years. Captain Lim’s book, Life in the Skies, answers that question in a manner which is both comprehensive and captivating.

He combines interesting facts of aviation history, with recent developments in pilot training, hardware/software technology, and even new and better air traffic control procedures – clearly explaining how it all works towards improving airline safety stats to levels never before thought possible.

We operated a ‘Fearful Flyers Forum’, as part of our Airline Safety Website, for several years. I believe I have heard just about every question possible that has been asked by those who came to us for help and understanding. It is evident, both from his website and now this book that Captain Lim has heard and responded to all those same questions, many times over. He is the ultimate authority on virtually any airline safety issue that one can think of, in my opinion.

Life in the Skies is a valuable manual for any passenger who understands that the more he knows about how airliners function and how highly-trained pilots ensure each flight is operated with safety as the number one goal, the more his anxiety will be reduced to almost nothing of consequence.

Knowledge is power, and that is what each reader will gain from Captain Lim’s very interesting book.

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