What Les Posen, Clinical Psychologist says about LIFE IN THE SKIES…


Les Posen Clinical Psychologist,
Fellow, Australian Psychological Society

Captain Lim has done the world of flying a great service with the publication of his website and now his book. He clearly answers all those questions and more those who enjoy flying have always wanted to ask. But he has performed a special service for those people I work with – fearful flyers – who dearly wish they could enjoy the benefits of commercial aviation if only they better manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Almost all fearful flyers would do well to understand how commercial aviation operates, from its basic safety operations, through to aircraft design and crew training, as well as air traffic control: all those things that come to together to make flying the safe form of public transport it is – only escalators and elevators are safer on a person carried per mile basis.

Over the years, Captain Lim and I have met in person and maintained a knowledge exchange we believe is useful for our respective audiences. For me it’s the 1 in 6 to 1 in 12 of the general population who expresses a significant fear of flying.

I heartily recommend Captain Lim’s book for that population as well as anyone, trainee pilots included, with an interest in commercial aviation from someone with impeccable credentials.


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