What Louisa Lim and Allan Koay, The Star journalists say about LIFE IN THE SKIES…


Louisa Lim Journalist, The Star

If you’re someone who equates air travel to getting socked multiple times in the head – scary, painful and potentially life-threatening – Captain Lim is your liberator.

Life in the Skies is the culmination of decades spent in the industry, reading, researching and flying, by him. It is a fascinating, well-researched manual backed with compelling case studies about everything you want to know before you board, or fly, that plane.

Honest and genuine, Captain Lim is an industry veteran who doesn’t try to whitewash the inherent dangers in flying, however minimal, but explains thoroughly the safety mechanisms that can be employed in such scenarios.

Do yourself a favour and read it. Don’t let the fear of flying stop you from crossing things off your bucket list!


Allan Koay Journalist, The Star

Can a computer geek who plays flight simulation games help to land a commercial airplane in an emergency? Believe it or not, Captain Lim’s book actually answers that question. This should give you an indication of the tone of this tome.

Yes, air travel safety is serious business, but Captain Lim, with his years of experience and knowledge, provides assurances through fascinating, humorous, sometimes surprising facts, fancies and anecdotes.

I’ve always wondered whether turbulence is dangerous and what really happens if you switch on your mobile phone on a plane. This book answers it all.

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