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Flying. For most, the idea conjures up images of exotic locales, the prospect of new experiences, the promise of adventure. For others, it recalls the more prosaic monotony of security checks and waiting in airport lounges. But either way, it remains a wonderful way to travel that bridges continents and connects lives in a matter of hours.

However, there’s another side to flying seldom seen by the public and less often written about – life inside the cockpit. The men and women tasked with getting us to our destinations in safe and timely fashion are easily some of the world’s most highly trained and heavily tested individuals, yet little is known about them.

This book aims to address that shortcoming. Writing in a clear, lucid voice, Captain Lim sheds light on what it means to be a pilot, drawing on his more than 40 years of flying.

Chock-full of insights and entertaining anecdotes, this volume is indispensable to anyone who has ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes before, during and after each flight.

From his days training for the Royal Malaysian Air Force in England to his adventures with Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, Captain Lim demonstrates an unmistakable passion for flying that only those who dedicate their lives to piloting can.

Along the way, he also tackles frequently asked questions: Is flying really safer than driving? Why must cabin lights dimmed before take off and landing? Can an aircraft fly upside-down? How do you land a plane when all engines are out? Why can’t electronic devices be used during certain stages of flying? What happens when lightning strikes an aircraft?

This book takes on all that and more, with a strong emphasis on safety. Some of the answers may surprise, some may not, but all help explain the sometimes difficult decisions pilots have to make, even if they prove unpopular.

Above all, it is a testament to the competence of and care provided by the special breed of people who ply the friendly skies and make it possible for everyone to fly. It’s my honour and pleasure to call Captain Lim a colleague, and I’m sure this book will make a welcome addition to the catalogue.

Tony Fernandes
Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia
September 2013


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