Down Memory Lane Part 1

No 8 Squadron RMAF Labuan 1970

No 8 Squadron RMAF Labuan 1970

Porkeaters3- 8Apr14  (12)

Porkeaters8 - 8Apr14  (10)

Porkeaters3 - 8Apr14  (2)

Porkeaters3a - 8Apr14  (2)

Porkeaters8 - 8Apr14  (8)

Singapore Stand-Up Comedian Kumar Part 1
Porkeaters3- 8Apr14  (5)
Porkeaters3 - 8Apr14  (4)
Porkeaters2 - 8Apr14  (12)
Porkeaters3 - 8Apr14  (7)
Porkeaters3 - 8Apr14  (11)

 Singapore Stand-Up Comedian Kumar Part 2


Tommy Tay & Iggy at Fancy Dress Party – Officers Mess RMAF Labuan 1970

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2 Responses to Down Memory Lane Part 1

  • Col Roger Chia says:

    Great pictures … Lim should name them in your pics!!! Many of the faces I can’t place the name … But of course still can recognize Rajaratnam, BG Goh, Dato Soon, Wong Chi Meng, Moses Ling, Ignatius Lim, Tommy Teh, Sheo, KF Lum, Mohan, Naga & Ong Hock Chye…
    Thanks for the memories … I was OC 8 Sqn in Labuan in the late 70’s … With the Caribou I had my first ever Engine Failure and also an Engine Fire … It still give me the shiver thinking of it…..

  • CaptLim says:

    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, I don’t know all the names too. I probably can recall just as many names as you do. It was my first attendance on such a get-together…

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