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Home > Salary > Cathay Pacific Airways Pilots Salary
Cathay Pacific Airways Pilots Salary
Professional Pilots - Salary
Sunday, 25 November 2007 22:09

Pilots Salary in Cathay Pacific Airways

Year Monthly (HK $) Annual (HK$)
Second Officer (SO)    
1 $ 32,213.00 $ 386,556.00
2 $ 36,080.00 $ 432,960.00
3 $ 40,410.00 $ 484,920.00
4 $ 45,259.00 $ 543,108.00
Junior First Officer (JFO)    
1 $ 49,421.00 $ 593,052.00
2 $ 55,352.00 $ 664,224.00
First Officer (FO)    
1 $ 64,265.00 $ 771,180.00
2 $ 65,343.00 $ 784,116.00
3 $ 66,443.00 $ 797,316.00
4 $ 67,565.00 $ 810,780.00

Senior First Officer (SFO)    
1 $ 69,854.00 $ 838,248.00
2 $ 71,639.00 $ 859,668.00
3 $ 73,478.00 $ 881,736.00
4 $ 75,371.00 $ 904,452.00
5 $ 77,322.00 $ 927,864.00
6 $ 79,331.00 $ 951,972.00


1 $ 98,375.00 $ 1,180,500.00
2 $ 100,135.00 $ 1,201,620.00


Senior Captain    
1 $ 101,928.00 $ 1,223,136.00
2 $ 103,758.00 $ 1,245,096.00
3 $ 105,624.00 $ 1,267,488.00
4 $ 107,528.00 $ 1,290,336.00
5 $ 109,469.00 $ 1,313,628.00
6 $ 111,450.00 $ 1,337,400.00
7 $ 113,470.00 $ 1,361,640.00
8 $ 115,530.00 $ 1,386,360.00
9 $ 117,632.00 $ 1,411,584.00
10 $ 119,777.00 $ 1,437,324.00
11 $ 121,962.00 $ 1,463,544.00
12 $ 124,193.00 $ 1,490,316.00
13 $ 126,468.00 $ 1,517,616.00
14 $ 128,788.00 $ 1,545,456.00
15 $ 131,156.00 $ 1,573,872.00
16 $ 133,569.00 $ 1,602,828.00
17 $ 136,032.00 $ 1,632,384.00



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Exchange Rates (3rd February 2006)

One Unit Equals
In Hong Kong Dollars
1 British Pound
1 Euro
1 American Dollar
1 Canadian Dollar
1 Australian Dollar
1 Singapore Dollar
1 Malaysian Ringgit


The above salary scales for Cathay Pacific Airways are based on basic pay only and does not include variable or housing allowances. Tax is 16% on basic pay.

Over the last few years the tax rate in Hong Kong has been steadily increasing. In the 2004/05 tax year, which was the final year of increases in personal tax rates in the current round, tax was calculated as follows:

Single tax free allowance: HK$100,000.00
Married tax free allowance: HK$200,000.00

After deducting the above relevant tax free allowance, the marginal tax rates are as follows:

First HK$30,000.00 = 2%
Next HK$30,000.00 = 8%
Next HK$30,000.00 = 14%
Remainder = 20%

Therefore if you are on a starting salary of HK$386,556.00 as a married S/O, the tax on your basic salary would be calculated as follows:

First HK$200,000.00 is tax free.
Next HK$30,000.00 @ 2% = HK$600.00
Next HK$30,000.00 @ 8% = HK$2400.00
Next HK$30,000.00 @ 14% = HK$4200.00
Remaining HK$96,556.00 @ 20% = HK$19,311.20

Total Tax on income = HK$26,511.20

Tax is also levied on your housing allowance but at different rates depending on whether you take it as a cash allowance or rental assistance. You have also got to consider Provisional tax. Basically in your first year they will tax you twice. You will get a credit for the provisional tax paid in your next years tax, though if you get a promotion and or additional pay through bonuses etc, provisional tax can be an ongoing pain in the butt. Luckily for me I knew it was going to be a shocker this financial year and allowed for it. Some I fear are going to get a shock when they get their tax assessment for 2004/05.

Sources: ACL Cathay Pacific Airways Forum


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see this link for the REAL cathay story
http://www.pprune.org/fragrant-harbour-wannabes/430529-why-i-knocked-back-cathay.html smilies/shocked.gif
romeo mike , 31 Dec, 2010
so payscale CX 2011
What is the current starting pay for SO 2011? Also what pay can you expect during training?
Dmac , 10 Jun, 2011
Senior Operations Manager
Cathay pilots do receive many benefits too. Example would be Free blow jobs from the stewardesses during long haul flights etc.
Helmut Thielbeer , 19 Aug, 2011
Not so good anymore!
Cathay used to provide a sizable housing allowance of around $40,000 HKD per month. They have since done away with that allowance. I am an S O with Cathay, and after one year with them, I can honestly say it's a raw deal. We are locked into this deal for the rest of our careers. At the same time the housing was cut, the housing prices in Hong Kong have skyrocketed. My wife and I recently went shopping for a place in Tung Chung, near the airport. Tung Chung is relatively inexpensive compared to other parts of Hong Kong. That's because it is not convenient for getting to downtown, or anywhere else for that matter. A 2-bedroom flat with 749 shaft gross area (including balcony, % of lobby, gym and other common areas) is running $4.6 million Hong Kong dollars. That's 593,000 US dollars! Without the housing allowance, you can find yourself trapped paying rent in a small flat and never building equity. When you're thinking about just building hours, it might seem doable for a few years, but you will quickly find out how Hong Kong can grind you to dust. I encourage anyone to apply. It's a great airline, and the planes are great. But ask serious questions to the interviewers about the pay, benefits, and housing. They offer a "forgivable loan" in the amount of 70,000 USD to joiners with at least a CPL and 250 hrs, but that equates to the housing allowance for only one year under the old system. Its a carrot that hides the truth of what they are offering. The pay is HALF of what it used to be. Also pay attention to how little the pay increases each year. Inflation will also eat away at the value of your salary. Add on to this the inconvenience of working in a country where most people do not speak your language, and grocery shopping is a real chore. You can live a better life in the US on a flight instructor's income. They need to change SIGNIFICANTLY before I would suggest joining the company. I spoke directly to my chief pilot about the situation, and he saw no plans for a change. Sadly, a flying career is no longer what it used to be. I say this to warn others, as I would have appreciated someone spelling out the intracies to me before joining under this prison cell of a contract. smilies/angry.gif
Jetpilot123 , 23 Sep, 2012
1.6million a year?
17th year senior captain earns 210K USD a year?!
Bryan , 16 Sep, 2013
Cathay salary is crap
20 years at cathay. Salary is crap

Dave , 11 Apr, 2014

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